Three Things - Wild @ Preds

Not too bad of a game. Mikko Koivu would be easy  to talk about tonight, but that is easy. It would also be easy to talk about the bazillion penalties that Nashville took, so we will just touch on that in a different way. So, we are going to talk about other things…here we go folks…

Why The Wild Won:

1)       Taking advantage of the (5 on 3) – A day after I get all over the Wild for the lack of production with an early 5-on-3, they receive another early 2 man advantage, and this time they kicked its ass. Two goals, and happiness abounds. I think I will take credit for this result…I think the management read the post yesterday and said “we need to convert that two man advantage.” You are welcome Wild fans. (Side Note - 5 PPG makes Mike happy)


2)      Miettinen bounce back - Three helpers after his penalty box ridden day…once again, I will take credit for this. Management also was angry after I pointed out that Antti was in the box twice in the same period, he comes back with a play-maker. Keep those points going Antti, we like points.


3)      Spreading the Wealth – Six goals, Five different goal scorers. We like it, we love it, we want some more of it. A special salute to Owen Nolan, three goals in three games. Keep it up old man, we like what we see.

Why The Wild Could Have Lost:

1)      Lack of checking in the defensive zone - The wild continue to poke and stick their way out of issues. We need the D-men to feel confident taking the body to separate the puck from the opposition. Can we channel some of what Clutterbuck is eating into the Defense?


2)      The Pouliot Box - Two penalties for Benny…in the third period, within 4 minutes of each other. Bad time, bad decisions. Again, this will not help Benoit gain love with the coaching staff. This is not what I want from a first round draft pick.


3)      Lack of aggressiveness in third – Once again, the wild went into a defensive shell, and the momentum swung to the Nashville side. The third period they played against Tampa, was stellar. This third period was lazy, and passive in nature. Shocking that Nashville owned the majority of the third? I say nay. Heck, it was over ten minutes into the third before the Wild got a shot on goal. (Side Note: Of course, after I write this segment, the wild decide to dominate. Thanks PP unit, you make the game fun, but the story less truthful. Oh well, life goes on)

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