Tyler Cuma, Brent Burns and Marian Gaborik injury update


Tyler Cuma is rebounding from injury, but he still thinks he's got a shot at making the team next year, though I'm skeptical.

"It might set me back a little, but I'm going to work out a lot and try to be on the ice as much as possible this summer," said Cuma, who has been rehabilitating in Minnesota since surgery Feb. 13. "I'd be quite upset if I didn't make it. I set standards pretty high for myself, and seeing how other young guys have made this team as 19-, 20-year-olds, I want to be one of them as well."

After seeing how rookies Cal Clutterbuck and Colton Gillies spent much of last summer in Minnesota, Cuma said, "I'd like to do the same. It would be beneficial for me to come here and work out and get proper nutritional facts."

- thanks to Russo.

Speaking of injury updates, Brent Burns missed his seventh game in a row Tuesday against Colorado with concussion-like symptoms. I haven't heard if he's joining the team on its road trip to the East coast. This Burns situation is baffling. The guy didn't seem to take a massive hit, I didn't see anyone cross-check him in the head. One night he was fine, the next day he's held out with "illness". Now suddenly it's post-concussive? I'm a bit concerned that this is going to be an ongoing problem. Here's hoping it isn't.

Marian, Marian, Marian.

You've been cleared medically. You've been cleared by the team. And, as Lou Nanne said "the only way to know if you're ready to play is to play, and take the summer to get healthy." How much of this is a symbol to the team that he has no intention of ever playing for the Wild again, and how much is him not wanting to get hurt again before the free-agent window opens?

We've all heard the stories. Owen Nolan tried to come back with a broken toe, and earlier in the season he did come back and played through back issues. Andrew Brunette has a shredded ACL, but he's gutty.

I understand this is a major deal for you, but if people aren't certain if you can play, the best way to get paid is to play. Get your ass on the ice. I've been supporting you all season, but it's wearing thin. Don't be a dink.

As mbennett and I discussed over lunch, take Owen Nolan's grit, Andrew Brunette's heart and combine those with Marian Gaborik's talent, what do you get? Iginla? Thornton? Ovechkin?

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