Wilderness Walk for 12-16-2010: Game Day Edition

Oh, Dino. At least you have your clothes on.

Every one still alive? Been a long time since you had a Wild game to watch. I figure maybe you may  have atrophied or simply given up. It is difficult to get pumped up for the Ottawa Senators, it really is. Thus the reason for the Brent Burns bobblehead night. Also tonight, the Wild will honor Dino Cicceraelli. That should be a good time, so make sure you are at the X, and in your seat, by 7.

Remember also that it is nearly a year to the day the the Wild's equipment went up in flames in Ottawa. The league made them play anyway, and the Wild got worked. It was the end of what had shaped up to be a pretty good run, and the Wild were never quite the same again. Do they get their revenge tonight?

Before you make the jump, check out the Facebook Question of the Day, and don't forget to file your intelligence reports for the HWRG2000. Also... everyone remembers the Hockey Wilderness store, right? It is right there on the left hand side! Only nine days left until Xmas!

Wild News

Navigating the West takes total precision | StarTribune.com - If you are reading my work over at SBN Minnesota (you better be), you would know my opinion on the Western Conference standings, and the Wild's place therein. To sum up: they're done.

Minnesota Wild could be without two veterans against Ottawa - TwinCities.com - Indeed. Such shocking news... since, you know, they were also out against the Ducks. Oh, and the Kings.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Western Conference = wacky competition -As a fan of the Penguins, KiPA would likely have a minor heart attack every day if he had to cheer for a Western Conference team. Good to see him venturing into the madhouse for just a bit.

Enemy News

Sports - Hockey - Ottawa Citizen - The first of two papers in Ottawa, and the only one whose sister paper in Toronto didn't steal work from Pension Plan Puppets and then pretend like the world around them being pissed off didn't matter.

Hockey | Sports | Ottawa Sun - Here is the other one. The one that does have a sister paper in Toronto that ripped off Pension Plan Puppets.

Silver Seven - The SBNation Sens blog. Probably the best place for our readers to go for Ottawa perspective.


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