Wilderness Walk for 12-17-2010

There is much to be angry about here in Minnesota this morning. The largest school district in the state is taking the same tact that big tobacco took years back, saying that there is no proof bullying in school leads to suicide. Indeed, and there is no proof smoking causes cancer, right? Right.

The Wild lost a stinker of a game, and many fans have finally come to the conclusion the rest of us did two weeks ago. The season is over. Who you blame for it tells much about how you view this game of ours, and how much faith you can put into an individual or the team. Head over to Facebook, as that will be the Question of the Day.

There is one more event to be angry about, and I hope to get out all of my thoughts on it later today. For now, it leads off the Walk.

To keep things somewhat light around here, submit some "fact" based information to our rumor tip line, would you?

First Things First

Coach who protested racial slur suspended until April - Peterborough Examiner - Ontario, CA - Back on December third, we brought you a story entitled "Punishment Without a Crime, and a Crime Without Punishment." Well, today, it gets more ludicrous. I will write more on this later. For now, check out the story.

Wild News

Wild, one point from dead-last in the Western Conference, finds new way to shoot self in foot | StarTribune.com -Ms. Counduct said it best last night. "There are times when Russo's Rants really are Russo's rants." Must read stuff. Maybe you'll start to believe it now that Russo said it, since there were those who wouldn't when I did. ;-)

Confusion costs Wild a goal, and eventually the game, to Senators | StarTribune.com - Russo's gamer, breaking down the joy that was last night.

Ciccarelli takes a bow on reunion weekend | StarTribune.com - Dino was honored, but fans were late due to traffic. Thanks MNDOT. Also, some good stuff at the bottom of this one.

Tom Powers: Minnesota Wild crumble in nine seconds - TwinCities.com - It will be a rare occurrence around here, but I actually agree with Tom.

Opportunity missed: Fading Wild let another game slip away in 3-1 loss to Ottawa - TwinCities.com - The mood is not any better across the river, just FYI.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Habs rebound; Blues get past Kings - Not that anyone much cares today, but other games were played last night.

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