Remaining March Schedule.

So here we go Wild fans, here's our remaining March schedule. Again, we need about 11 wins from the season's remaining games, so lets break down the rest of the Month here.

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Starting with tonight's game..
7:00PM @ Nashville: Wild Record 2-1 this season, with a +1 Goal Differential (one win is a shootout, so I'm not counting that as a goal for the Wild. Possible outcome: Wild win in extra innings? Wild vs Predators coverage

3/19 @ Columbus: Record :3-2 in the season's series. An even goal differential, although the Wild did lose in one game 5-1 at Columbus earlier. I would give the Wild the edge in this game if they keep up the play from the previous couple nights.

3/21 Vs. Calgary: Wild are 3-1 in the season series gives the Wild the initial edge. Biggest franchise disparity in franchise history this year against the Flames with a whopping +5 goal differential. Depending on which team shows up. Is it the March 3rd Flames, or the March 7th Flames?

3/23 Vs. San Jose: Ouch. Season series 0-2. Though, in fairness both losses were on the road, where the Wild don't fare that well to begin with. Goal Differential: -5. That's a MINUS 5! I do believe in Miracles though, and this is a home game...

Next please.

3/25 @ Philly: 2-0, one win in SO. Goal Differential (again because of SO) +1. Could be a challenge for the Wild, as traditionally these games are close, but we should win this.

3/26 @ Detroit: 1-0-1 in season's series. Goal differential is +3.  This is going to be a tough game. Back to back road games, one versus a physical team that is Philly, and another in the Motor City isn't going to make things easy. This is traditionally the time of year that Detroit wakes up and makes it's playoff run. It would be stellar to spoil that, but realistically, it's unlikely.

3/29 Vs. LA Kings: 1-2 on the season. The Wild have scored 9 goals to LA's 14. Fourteen. In 3 games. Unbelievable.


3/31 Vs. Chicago: Season series is 2-3. But what a win that was in the 6-5 shootout win over them on January 9th! Goal differential is a minus 3. 13 for the Wild and 16 for the Hawks. Wonder which team will show up for this game. It's at the X. If I had tickets to this game, I wouldn't leave until they made me. Who knows, they might let them get up 9-0 before swinging back in the final 5 minutes of the 3rd period to tie it for an OT shootout win!

Overall, that's 8 games in 13 days. That's a lot of ice time, even for a great team, which the Wild have exhibited signs of. If they want to make themselves known as a great team into the end of April and beginning of May, they should leave these final games of March with a 8-0 record. A more likely 6-2 record would be respectable considering we have a winning record against 6 of the 8 teams above.

Your thoughts?

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