Minnesota Wild vs Florida Panthers: Game Recap

Minnesota Wild 2 -3 Florida Panthers

Please visit Litter Box Cats for enemy perspective.

Words fail me on nights like this. Two NHL teams take the ice and some how Oksana Baiul and Nancy Kerrigan wind up having a rematch.

The Wild jumped out to an early 2-0 lead on nice goals from Mikko Koivu and Robbie Earl. They had two goals on four shots on goal. The Panthers looked lost, and the Wild looked to be on cruise control. Turns out, it wasn't cruise control, they just let off the gas pedal.

The Panthers out played, out hustled, out passed, out skated, out battled, and out shot the Wild. Speaking of out shot, what kind of squad can only manage 11 SOG in 65 minutes? The Panthers out shot the Wild 12-4 in the first, 9-3 in the second, and 10-2 in the third. The Wild did manage to out shoot the Panthers in OT by a truly devastating 2-0.

Cory Stillman and Michael Frolik had as many SOG as the Wild did through three.

In three games, the Wild have made Jeff Deslauriers, Vesa Toskala, and Tomas Vokoun look like Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy and Terry Sawchuk. Allowing one of the three to make them look silly would be bad, but all three?

Since coming back from the Olympics, the Wild have shown no heart. They have not played the physical, fast paced, hard fore-checking game they played before the break. They have not shown any desire to make a playoff run, and as a result, have completely killed any chance they had to make it.

At the trade deadline, Owen Nolan sat down with Chuck Fletcher. Fletcher offered to trade him to a contender, and Nolan turned down the offer, saying he believed this team had the players and ability to make the playoffs. This entire team owes Cowboy an apology.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars:

  1. Cory Stillman (1G, 5 SOG)
  2. Michael Frolik (1G, 4SOG)
  3. Niklas Backstrom (29 Saves, Only Wild player to show up tonight)

Five Questions to Answer:

  1. So, can the Wild give a beatdown to a team who has given up on the season? Backstrom did. No one else bothered.
  2. How will Petr Kalus look in his premiere? 6:41 TOI, no shots, no penalties, no... anything. A non-factor.
  3. Can the Irish God of War provide some leadership to the younguns? Hard to bad mouth Nolan, but the kids sure don't seem to care one way or the other.
  4. Will Benedict Russo show his true colors tonight? Funny question. He seemed to stay objective, though. Too bad. Could have been the only entertainment this game had.
  5. Cal Clutterbuck is out because of a charley horse? Really? Ok. Yeah. I'm not buying this either.




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