A Big Thank You to Wild Fans from an out of towner

Hey all, I felt compelled to sign on here and gush a little bit.  Yes, I am not a Wild fan.  I grew upin San Jose playing hockey before we even had the Sharks, and ice sheets were scarce in Northern California. And although I am a diehard Sharks fan, I have transplanted to Phoenix 5 years ago to take care fo my father after heart surgery. Since my time down here in AZ has been boring as heck, taking to the Coyotes during years of Gretzky-induced torture was hard, but better than no hockey at all.


  I can tell you that the reasoning for waning attendance previously in Arizona was because the Moyes/Gretzky run franchise blatantly slapped fans in the face by raising ticket prices while progressively getting worse on the ice.  There was no effort in rebuilding the 'Yotes, only ezxcuses to cut corners.  'Youth Movement' was an excuse given all too often as a means to subdue and sterilize angry fans.  And once that pacified no one, the gates started emptying.  Still, as a hockey fan in general, I continued to show up... no matter how scarce the crowd.  As you have seen, the commitment put in by the NHL is ten times better anything Wayne-o and his band of jackasses ever tried.  And now, the 'Yotes fans are back.  Chicago had this same situation a few years back, and no one whined about relocation.  You were screwed out of the Stars before, and obviously know the sting that we Coyotes supporters have been enduring for the past years.


  So for whomever did that write-up about Phoenix, we thank you.  We all know how knowledgeable and passionate Minnesota hockey is, from Junior hockey to the pros. We just didn't expect you guys to be so damn classy.  Consider us stung a little too much from Canadiunts , and we apologize for having our guard up.


And to top it off was the salute you gave Mike Modano.  Wow.  Around the country, there was not a dry eye in any computer screen to be seen. How could anyone hate Mike Modano with all the great hockey moments he's given hockey fans around the world after all these years?  I never expected the Wild organization to go to such great lengths to honor Modano, anbd they didn't have to.  But they did. And it was spectacular.  I may have to go buy an old NorthStars jersey just because of all the warm memories the tribute brought back.  Maybe if he wants another year, he'd consider ending his career where he began?  I wouldn't put it past you guys, and I don't think he would be a hindrance.


Regardless, I just wanted to stop by and say 'Thank You Wild fans for being one classy bunch of mofos".  You restore my faith that there are hockey fans just because the sport is the best on the planet. You stay classy.

  I'm Ron Burgundy?


~ Joel V

 P.S - join in oth the 'throw the snake' bandwagon.  This has blown out of ridiculous proportions in the span of half a day that's too fun to not look into.

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