You're a Wild fan when...

The title says it all. That's how bored I am at the moment. That's how much I miss Minnesota Wild hockey. Sit back, relax and enjoy. This will be entertaining... hopefully.

1. You hate the Vancouver Canucks and their fans.

2. You have to tell numerous people why you hate the Canucks and tell the story of "the incident."

3. You hate the Calgary Flames and their fans.

4. See #2 but replace Vancouver Canucks with Calgary Flames.

5. You hate the Edmonton Oilers and their fans.

6. See #'s 2 and 4 replacing the Canucks and Flames with the Oilers.

7. You hate the Colorado Avalanche and their fans.

8. Self-explanatory. Same as 2, 4 and 6 but insert Avalanche.

9. You hate the Anaheim Ducks and their "fans."

10. Actually, as a fan of any team you hate the Anaheim Ducks and their "fans."

11. Every time you watch the Wild play the Oilers at Rexall Place and the Oilers score a goal, you want to drink because you have to hear the most annoying goal horn in the entire NHL go off.

12. Every time Jarome Iginla scores a goal against the Wild a little part of you dies on the inside.

13. Every time you hear the name Mattias Ohlund you want to start a fight with someone (and boo the hell out of him for "the incident").

14. You hear the names Alex Burrows, Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, and Roberto Luongo you cringe because of the team they play for.

15. Jarome Iginla has the puck in the Wild zone you yell "PLEASE pass the puck!!"

16. You always refer to Xcel Energy Center "The X."

17. You know the words to the Wild anthem and sing along to it every time you hear it.

18. You hear "Crowd Chant" at other NHL games, the first thing you want to say/hear is "Scor-ing for Minnesota..."

19. People ask you where you're from while you're in another state you tell them "the State of Hockey." If they don't know know where that is you sarcastically say "Minnesota."

20. Every time "Luuuuuuu" chants break out for Roberto Luongo, you drown them out by saying "BOOOOOO!!" as loud as you can.

21. You see Henrik or Daniel Sedin score or assist on the other's goal you wonder to yourself why they haven't gotten a room and expressed their feelings towards one another already.

22. You ALWAYS join in on any Boogaard "BOOOOOO!!" chant.

23. You always join in on the "Let's play hockey!!!" pre-game ritual.

24. You remember where you were in 2003 when the Wild came back from down 3-1 not once, but twice.

25. You still to this day think the Chris Simon trade is the worst trade EVER, and just hearing it mentioned makes you want to drink, puke, or drink until you puke.

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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