Wilderness Walk for 5-4-2010

Question of the day: Between school districts and weather people... who is the least accountable for failure?

Moving on. Daniel Carcillo accused Marc Savard of biting him in last night's game. I did not see the play, nor a replay. I want to think that Savard is above that, and that Carcillo is just being... well... him. However, it got me to thinking. If anyone in the NHL is caught biting another player, it should be an automatic match penalty and should carry a 25 game suspension. You guys are not children, and this isn't the elementary school playground. You also are not locked in a battle for life and death. Grow up, stop biting each other. Man up, make a fist, and throw a punch.

Also... after the 25 game game suspension, the player must wear the name "Sissy" on the back of their jersey for the remainder of their career.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

Sorry to put you through this video... it is almost 11 minutes long. However, I was drawn in by the fact that it said 2009-10 early season highlights, and I was under the impression that early 2009-10 was pretty miserable. Then, I watched the first 50 seconds or so of the video to learn that the early season highlights include John Scott putting on his gear, Niklas Backstrom shaking his groove thang in net to warm up, Andrew Brunette smelling his own finger, and Antii Miettinen skating in a circle.

Is there more to the video? I'm pretty sure, but that's all I could take.

Playoff Team Game Re-Caps:

Second City Hockey - For Chicago Blackhawks Fans - No re-cap available as of yet, but tons of information over there.

All Start, No Finish: Game II Post Thread - Nucks Misconduct - Also no gamer over here, but some sweet lesson teaching for the Canucks.

ECSF Game 2: Exhausted Flyers deservedly fall in 0-2 series hole to Bruins - Broad Street Hockey - The aforementioned biting contest.

Lucic's late goal lifts Bruins over Flyers 3-2 in Game 2 - Stanley Cup of Chowder - Oh... there also was a hockey game. The B's won. Good for them.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: The Playoffs, Day 20: Mailin' it in - The one where he finally realizes he does this for free.

Off the Trail:

The Best Forwards In The NHL - Tough Minutes Edition - The Copper & Blue - Derek continues his statistical analysis. This time, it is the best guys in "tough minutes." You'll have to read the post to understand it completely. I don't agree completely with it, but it is still good analysis, and I am wrong a lot, so there's that.

Bjugstad growing on and off the ice - NHL.com - 2010 NHL Entry Draft - Pretty good story about what seems to be the consensus Hockey Wilderness pick for the Wild at #9, despite the fact that that is a bit too high for him. (Stick tap to shelske for the find)

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