Prospects Camp More Than Just Wild!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prospects Camp More Than Just Wild!










Maxim Noreau

My fingers have stretched and warmed up because in five days, the Wild will be inviting a group of Wild prospects to attend their annual prospect development camp, where have the youngsters undergo several days of hockey practice, informational sessions and team building exercises. If the Wild media sticks to their practices from last season, they'll be broadcasting one of the scrimmages. I have my fingers crossed. Why? Because after reading all season long about these Wild prospects and their recent 2010 picks, they'll all be showing their skills in one location at one time. Gasp... But besides orientating these prospects to the Wild organization and feeding me while I suffer my hockey withdrawal, the camp also gives the Wild scouts a chance to look at a few tryout players that could possibly signed to a Wild contract. Interesting fact but since 2006, the Wild, or their AHL affiliate Houston Aeros, have signed at least one player from each camp.

John Scott - Signs with the Houston Aeros on September 26, 2006, then is signed by the Minnesota Wild on December 31, 2006.

Maxim Noreau - Signs with the Houston Aeros and is then signed by the Wild on May 22, 2008 to a multi-year deal.

Moises Gutierrez - Played for the Texas Wildcatters (Houston Aeros ECHL affiliate), then played 6 games for the Aeros.

Brian Kaufman - Signed by the Aeros at the end of the 2008 season by the Aeros.

Jarod Palmer - Signed by the Minnesota Wild to a one year deal.

Some interesting names up there. John Scott,recently signed by the Blackhawks, Maxim Noreau, AHL Second All Star and leading scoring d-man for the Aeros, and Jarod Palmer, one of the more sought out college free agents in 2010. So when the roster for the 2010 Wild Prospect Developmental Camp comes out, chances are, they'll be one or two guys there that will sign with the Wild or Aeros in the next year. Something you should keep an eye out for!

*Read this article on Noreau - 'Max' effort paying off for Noreau
Gives you an insight on what happens after the things happen on the draft table. These developmental camps will showcase some talent we do not own yet, so pay attention!

**One name I did read that was invited to the Wild Developmental Camp is Colton Jobke from the Kelowna rockets. I would think he is still eligible to be drafted but the Wild signed Bjorn Krupp last year so I'm confused about the rules. Source: Kelowna Daily

***Apparently to HFboard posters, the Wild will be inviting Alex Emond and Darian Dziurzynski. Source: HFBoards

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