Wilderness Walk for 1-21-2011: Stunned Silence Edition

In this picture: Four members of the Wild watch as the Oilers check themselves, and and official does his interpretive dance entitled "I'm a little teapot, short and blind."

I should learn to not be surprised when the league does something stupid. The raise in blood pressure and stress just aren't worth it. Of course, I've always had an issue with stupid people and stupid actions, so it likely doesn't go away. Still, it is amazing to see the lack of comment from any of the big names on this fine. I am hoping it is just stunned silence. 

Let me believe that, will you, please?

No game again today. The team is practicing, however, so there will likely be some kind of news from the team. While we all wait patiently for something to happen, head over to Facebook for the Question of the day. Bet you'll never guess what the topic is. 

Enjoy your day all.

Wild news

The Onset of Cal Clutterbuck | Blog Archive | Houses of the Hockey | Blogs | TheScore.com - Clutterbuck's offense is getting him noticed. Good thing he is locked up for two years after this one.


Curtis Glencross fined $2500 for boarding Clayton Stoner; Wild fans not pleased | ProHockeyTalk - Hockey Joe with his take on the situation.


Winning helps Wild with 'buy in' factor | StarTribune.com - Only took the a season and a half to buy in. Jebus.

Extra rest helping to keep Wild fresh during a busy time of season - TwinCities.com - Never understood Lemaire's stance on days off. You know... that they shouldn't exist.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Flyers roll; All-Star goalies get lit up - Love it when all stars play poorly. Just me being bitter.

System News

The Third Intermission: So long and thanks for all the savegasms; Broda and Zingoni gone - For those who had high hopes for Broda (myself included), it is time start abandoning those hopes. Sorry folks.

Off the Trail


The NHL Guardian Project origin story: Behind the scenes of hockey's most controversial new marketing effort - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Long post from Puck Daddy that tells us there is more to it than just the cheese ball pictures. I read the whole thing. Great read, but the guy Wysh interviewed did a piss poor job of selling it. It's still stupid. 

PensBlog Guardian Project - We'll keep an eye on this, because if they do the entire NHL, this will be the most amazing series of posts ever. 

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