Wilderness Walk for 1-9-2011: Game Day Edition

Bryan better choose a hat to eat, because the mustachioed fellow in the picture decided to call his bluff (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

Hello everyone. Well, it's official: I'm cursed. Whenever I miss a Wild game, they end up playing like beasts. They clobbered the Crosby-less Pens last night, because, well, I didn't see them do it. Does this mean I need to sacrifice myself for the good of the franchise and stop watching the games? I hope not.

The Wild are perfect in 2011 so far and they are suddenly back in the playoff race, against all expectations. Same old, same old if you ask me! We're used to it by now as Wild fans. Now we just have to hope it won't end the same way it always does.

If you only read one of my 4 Walks in Bryan's absence, make it this one. Lots of stuff here. I guess Tom Powers read yesterday's abreviated Walk because I said I would make it up to you, and he wrote something that's going to blow you away!

Make the jump to find out, and don't forget the Question of the day on the HW facebook page.

Have fun today, and don't forget to ask Bryan for some fish. He surely caught enough for everyone, right?... Nahhhh

Wild News

Wild's road roll continues with rout of Penguins | StarTribune.com - The only thing that could've made this victory better would've been to do it despite their having Crosby in the lineup.

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Who's the Wild MVP? | StarTribune.com - Hint: It's not Cam Barker, although he's been doing good since his unlikely OT game-winning goal.

Wild hands Pittsburgh first shutout in new arena, moves into 7th in the West | StarTribune.com - This is probably the best sentence I've seen all season.

Theodore carries load with Backstrom ailing | StarTribune.com - Theo turned out to be a hell of a signing for the Wild. In Fletch we trust.


Wild at midseason: Playoff hope has returned - TwinCities.com - 7th in the west. 7th... in.... the.... west. The spot is now theirs to lose.


KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Goaltending on display Saturday, mostly - Many 2-1 games. Spoooooooky.


Hitting The Post: What in The Wide, Wide World of Sports? - Quite a question, but nothing can truly explain the Wild's recent turnaround. I can't help but believe they should've been capable of doing this from the start.


Pièce de résistance

Tom Powers: Sweat and effort will decide Wild's fate - TwinCities.com - I believe Mr. Powers owes all of us an explanation. I thought hard work was bad. Now all of a sudden it's good? What are we to believe?

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