Wilderness Walk for 10-18-2011: Game Day Edition

Hey guys, sorry to interrupt. Is that a chocolate?

You know that feeling you get when it's game day, and everything is going to go perfectly, just because it's game day and you get to watch hockey? I hope you all have that. If you don't, think back to the summer. Pretend it's about July 17th or so. Now, think about it.

Hockey. Tonight.

Revel in it. Do it for me. I won't be watching, as I am having Lasik surgery, and I am told all I will want to do is sit in a dark room and sleep. Maybe the skeptics are wrong (they rarely are) and I can enjoy the game. Let's hope.

For now, make the jump and read up on everything you need to know for tonight. Or, you know, read the links we included. Don't forget the Question of the Day.

Wild News

Yeo has no time to relive glory days | StarTribune.com - Good. Love the focus, even if he is lying.

Game Day: Wild vs. Pittsburgh | StarTribune.com - Quick look at the game.

Yeo talks, Bob Sansevere listens - Listens yes, and then reports a bunch of stuff that absolutely no one cares about. No questions about chocolates, though. Too bad, really.

First Round Bust: On The Grind - Positive vibes. Gotta like it.

Tending the Fields

USA Hockey - A profile of Charlie Coyle

Mikey Maybe and Mitchmatic turn to hip-hop for hockey anthem - Casual rapper Matt Kassian? Uh... OK.

Kuemper's arrival may be start of trend - San Bernardino County Sun - Seems the assignment of Kuemper to the ECHL has created a little bit of buzz in the minor league world.

Enemy Perspective

PensBurgh - Your SBNation home for all things Penguins

Penguins Kennedy out with Concussion - Seriously, how does this team not mandate use of the Messier helmets?

Winger Sullivan finds way with Penguins - Probably not a bad organization to be a fill in forward in, eh?

Book looks at the Penguins almost Leaving - The KC Pens? That's just... wrong.

Penguins fall to Jets, 2-1 - Coming off a loss, huh? I'm sure that will make them come out happy.

Penguins Notebook: Letang conditioned to be a marathon man on skates - Letang is one to watch tonight.

Off the Trail

Pouliot, Trouba and Clarke rocket up Button's draft list  - Looking way ahead to the 2012 draft.

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