Wilderness Walk for 11-25-2011: Game Day Edition

Guess what? Time for your daily Movember reminder to get off your can and go get checked out. Do you realize how much you ate yesterday? It's time. Go get checked out and make sure you didn't injure yourself. Also... with all that money you saved waiting in line at midnight, why don't you head over and make a donation to the Hockey Wilderness team? We'd appreciate it. 

As for your Minnesota Wild, they remain in first place in the league, and take on a tasty morsel of an opponent this afternoon. If you don't Occupy the X for this one, you're just cold hearted and bitter. Young guns on both sides, having some success, and a Wild win streak at home against these guys that dates back to the stone age? Come on, you know you want to watch that. 

As always, links and news after the jump.

Wild News

Backstrom practicing today, could start vs. Oilers | StarTribune.com - Backstrom's record against the Oil is impeccable, so no surprise here. 

Hitting The Post: Wild Playing a Mature Game - This was published after the Walk yesterday, but we wanted to make sure you got to see it. 

Wild, Oilers enjoying success with youth on their side | StarTribune.com- Russo's Youngblood's game day feature. It's no Paul Deutsch, but its still pretty good. 

Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher a chip off the old block | Sports | National Post - Unlike NHL.com, at least they know these are two different people.

Minnesota Wild sign 51-year-old backup; don’t play him, unfortunately - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - Great look at the story. Honestly, the most fun I've had reading about this story. 

Enemy News

Wild bunch leader of the pack - Edmonton beat writer looks at the Wild. Good stuff. 

Oilers aim for Minny break | Oilers | Sports | Edmonton Sun - Make sure you read this one. You'll enjoy it. ""The Wild are horible to watch, bad for the game, that sits back in a 1-4 forcheck..." Even Wes Walz spoke up about this one. 

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: More With Jon DiSalvatore - More great stuff with the captain of the Aeros. 

Off the Trail

The Noon Number: 41.3 - Nucks Misconduct - This technically is "Wild News," but I decided to separate it out. Apparently, the Wild's PDO score sucks. Which is OK, since the Canucks PTS score also sucks. 

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