Anatomy of a Hit

Frame by frame of the Bogosian hit clearly shows that 1. Bouchard turning had nothing to do with it and 2. Bogosian chose to crosscheck him with him already in a vulnerable spot and 3. This should have been a suspension.

Editor's note: This is a frame by frame look at the hit, and why it should be a suspension. It also should dispel many of the excuses for this being some sort of clean hit gone bad. We thank Jeremy for the effort he put into this. Hopefully this opens a few eyes. Maybe someone at the league could explain, in terms of Sergei Gonchar hitting Cal Clutterbuck with a high elbow, how this is a hockey play. Guess Bogosian is just being passionate.

Let's make clear that Shanascam's reason for no suspension is that PMB turned and that he didn't run him. Well for starters it wasn't a hit, it was a crosscheck. take a look at the frames.


This is Bogosian coming in attempting to lift the stick.


He then pulls into a crosscheck. Notice PMB's body position


This is the point of contact. Once again note PMB's body position, it remains virtually unchanged. He wasn't falling or turning between time Bogosian chose to crosscheck him and actually did. Also notice that with Bouchard's right hip out, his right side will take the brunt of the initial blow causing his body to turn.


At this point Bogosian has begun the follow through on the crosscheck. Notice that PMB's stance has now changed as a result of the crosscheck, not prior to it.


As you see, Bouchard now begins to fall. Contrary to the homer TSN announcers Bogosian does not let up at all as you will see.


Bogosian now drives Bouchard's head into the boards. Important to note Bogosian's position in the last two frames. He doesn't move. That's because this is not a body check, its not something he had set to do and couldn't pull up. No he had complete control and chose to do this


And the most damning picture of all. Bogosian with arms fully extended, two hands on the stick clearly across Bouchard's back.

This wasn't an accident, it wasn't Bouchard's fault for turning. This isn't like a body check, a normally legal action that becomes illegal because contact is made to the head. It was an illegal crosscheck by Bogosian to a player in a vulnerable position. A move he had every chance not to make. He could have kept his stick on the ice and tried to rub Bouchard out while fighting for the puck. But he didn't. He crosschecked him driving his head into the boards.

Bouchard was suspended because in an attempted slash his stick deflected and hit a player in the face. That incident was much more accidental than this, but similar in that an illegal action- the crosscheck in this case, ended in an injury.

I have a hard time believing Shanahan even watched the video. His comments about him not running him show that he is completely ignorant of what actually took place. Fortunately for him and Wild opponents the team has decided to take the high road on these incidents, (see Whitney knee-onknee) likely because it was the whining by Columbus helped push the Bouchard suspension. More power to them, they are better people than I am. As far as I am concerned Shanahan is either incompetent or retaliating against the Wild for appealing the Bouchard suspension. Either way Shanaban has become Shanascam.

All frames captured from this video.

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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