Wilderness Walk for 12-30-2011

It's almost time to end 2011 and head into 2012. Anyone notice a complete lack of countdowns of the best / worst of 2011 here at Hockey Wilderness? You're welcome.

On a side note, with as hungry as you all have been for new content here at HW, I apologize for the lack of a Walk yesterday. Family events ran a little longer than I projected. Of course, that's just an excuse, and it was probably predicted that a Walk everyday was unsustainable. I apologize for killing you Fenwick score, and hope that it did not hurt your PDO too much.

Today's Walk has some good reads, including a good post from Bruce over at his megaphone on SBNation NHL, one from our friend Tom that I can actually agree with, and plenty of love for Matt Kassian.


Wild News

Wild back on winning track | StarTribune.com - Post game Rants with Youngblood.

One tough guy, Kassian is back | StarTribune.com - It's been awhile since we have seen someone completely dismantle an opponent like Kassian did. Impressive.

Wild youngster Kassian displays veteran grit - 2:12 TOI, 20 PIMs. Well done.

Feisty Wild gets back on win track | StarTribune.com - Newspaper gamer.

Powers: If Wild player were decapitated, would NHL notice? - TwinCities.com - No. They wouldn't.

Setoguchi talks | StarTribune.com - Great news.

Hex broken: Wild end losing streak with win vs. Oilers | ProHockeyTalk - Finally is right.

A Bit From Yesterday

First Round Bust: Fun with Stats Episode 1: Why the Statgeeks Were, and Still Are, Wrong about the Minnesota Wild - Good read.

NHL takes a pass on Spurgeon hit | StarTribune.com - More on this later today.

Breaking Down "The Streak", or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Regression | Jacques Lemaire's Trap - This has been a fun blog to read so far. You really should be checking it out.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Kassian To The Show - And he put on a show.

Off the Trail

NHL Winter Classic: League Facing Inevitable Risks In Picking New Teams To Play Outdoors - SBNation.com - Excellent read from our own Bruce Ciskie. I would argue they already crossed the line into an unsafe choice this year. They lost me, and if they lost me, they lost quite a few others.

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