Wilderness Walk for 12-4-2011: Game Day Edition

The Wild respond the question: who wants to visit the Pirates of the Caribbean?

The are off on the left coast again. Far from the spotlight that comes with those all important east coast markets, they start in Disneyland. One of the happiest places on Earth. So I'm told. I've never been much for dancing mice, long lines, and over priced funnel cakes.

While you all settle in for your day of... barf... football, please keep in mind that you have a hockey game to watch this evening, too. While I would never ask you to avoid the frosty beverage, make sure you are at least able to type without drooling on yourselves tonight.

Not a ton of articles to read today, but this is definitely a day of quality over quantity.

Wild News

Wild players buy what Yeo's selling | StarTribune.com - Or, as you all know it... The Church of Yeo is in session.

Michael Russo’s Sunday Insider: Ducks down, but not dumb | StarTribune.com - Indeed. Trading anyone from that line would have been very, very dumb.

Goalie Hackett called up for injured Backstrom | StarTribune.com - Bad news, but Harding has shown he is up to the task.

Little things add up to Wild wins - TwinCities.com - Little things, little things... hmm... what kind of little things? Perhaps... hard work? (Sorry Tom)

Charley Walters: Ever-improving Wild could begin repacking Xcel Energy Center - TwinCities.com - Easier way to put it? Occupy the X.

Enemy News

Carlyle on his tenure: ‘I was very fortunate' | carlyle, coaching, ducks - Sports - The Orange County Register - Hear from the departed coach.

With Carlyle gone, spotlight is on the players | ducks, carlyle, old - Home - The Orange County Register - Yes, sir. Coach was fired. Time for you to put up or shut up.

Boudreau never at loss for words | boudreau, ducks, first - Home - The Orange County Register - Surprisingly little cussing here.

Anaheim Calling - SBNation home for all things Ducks

Off the Trail

Derek Boogaard - A Boy Learns to Brawl - NYTimes.com - Amazing, must read stuff from the New York Times. Make sure you watch the video, too. This is absolutely beautiful journalism, folks. If you can't appreciate the quality of this, I fear for your health.

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