Wilderness Walk for 12-7-2011

It's Pearl Harbor Day here in the US of A, so make sure you at least remember that in passing. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" can't be the only way we remember these types of events.

Moving on. Everyone still breathing after last night? If Matt Hackett got any sleep at all, I would be surprised. If it were me, I think I would have spent the night in a hot tub with a wide selection of adult treats and adult company, but that could be one of the reasons why I'm not a goalie in the NHL.

The Wild continue to provide no shortage of story lines. Rookies filling in on a first place NHL team and not causing any issues? How is that not a bigger story? Maybe they haven't had long enough to regress before they are sent back down. Who knows.

Some solid reading today. If you catch a story we missed, please include it in the comments.

Man, they're boring. Seriously... shut up. Just... shut your mouth. Watch the game and tel me it's boring. Moron.

Wild News

Rookie Hackett stops Sharks after Harding injured | StarTribune.com - Gamer from Russo.

Wild fans should gain from renewed rivalries | StarTribune.com - Russo on realignment.

Hackett wins NHL debut as Harding, Setoguchi injured in Wild win | StarTribune.com - See that last part of the headline? Yeah... it sounds bad. Uncool.

Hackett wins in NHL debut - NHL- NBC Sports - NBC has the AP story.

Tuesday’s Three Stars: Rookie Hackett boosts Wild; Daniel Sedin trick - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - The NHL didn't deem Hackett's perfect debut to be worthy. Puck Daddy gave him the first star.

Wild put hard work (and fun) into shootouts - Sorry Tom.

Danger: A night of injuries in the NHL | ProHockeyTalk - PHT was watching. Good on 'em.

Tuesday Tire Pump: Mikko Koivu | ProHockeyTalk - Wow. Someone outside of Minnesota knows who he is? Who knew?

NHL - John Buccigross' education in the Minnesota Wild - ESPN - Wild fans held Buccigross teach about the Wild.

It Was A Good Day (Well, Today and Yesterday) | Jacques Lemaire's Trap - Newest from Georgie Fruit's new blog.

Tending the Fields

Road-weary Aeros rip Rampage 6-1 - Houston Chronicle - Newspaper gamer.

The Third Intermission: Aeros add McKenzie and Nolan to depleted roster - Yes, Bob's son. By the way... the Aeros are also in first place in their league. Good stuff.

Off the Trail

First Round Bust: The Tragedy of Boogaard: Of Evolution and the Index Fossil - FRB with their take on Boogey.

Fighting back: NHL holds ground on fisticuffs - NHL - Yahoo! Sports - The way Gary Bettman has handled this has proven once again that he is the worst possible face for this league.

Cox: Why Derek Boogaard's death won't change the NHL - thestar.com - I hate when I agree with Damien Cox, but I agree.

North Dakota saying goodbye to Fighting Sioux nickname | ProHockeyTalk - Get this... the team will be called... nothing. No nickname until 2015. So fitting that they will be the Absolutely Nothings.

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