Wilderness Walk for 2-14-2011

MOOOOOOOOOM! He was meeeean to meeeee!

Happy made up semi-romantic greeting card and flower sellers greatest wet dream day! Anyway, make sure you buy your special someone something. You have hereby been reminded, and warned. Even if they said they don't want anything... they do. Yes. They, do.

Today's Walk is full of some fun. Obviously tons of Aeros stuff, which is just fine with me. For the 5000 of you that were at the Aeros game yesterday, how did you like it? Anything they could do to improve the experience or draw more people? 

Don't forget to check out the Question of the Day, and then read up on Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops. You know you want to.

System News


Wild farm club is taking flight with new blood | StarTribune.com - Russo's gamer from the Aero's game.


'D' prospect Cuma suffers major injury | StarTribune.com - Read this one. We call this "how to do it right."

Knee injury to Wild prospect Tyler Cuma mars AHL game at the X - TwinCities.com - Now read this one. We'll call this "how to do it wrong." I wonder who the source was for the information on the ACL tear. Probably the same source as everyone else... and I didn't the info from the doctor. Also... when exactly did Cuma undergo "reconstructive knee surgery in 2008-09?" He has never had it. Had a meniscus repaired once. Like a UFA and RFA, there is a difference, and it is easy to find

Minnesota Wild prospect Colton Gillies' game is starting to live up to his 2007 billing - TwinCities.com - Another example of poor drafting... the Wild expected him to be a two way banger? And that is worth a first round pick? Um... OK. 

The Third Intermission: Good lord, boys, get back to Texas - Game story from the Aeros experts. Good stuff. Including a picture of the moment just before Cuma was hurt.

First Round Bust: Tidbits: Your Houston Aeros Edition - FRB has their take on the game as well.

Off the Trail


Mario Lemieux’s message to the NHL both right and wrong all at once | ProHockeyTalk Hockey Joe seems to agree with my take on Mario. I like when Hockey Joe agrees with me, or I with him.


After hockey fan's $50,000 goal, charities almost get hosed - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Leave it to an insurance company to screw a charity.

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