Wilderness Walk for 2-21-2011

Another valuable lesson learning day yesterday. Lesson one: if you want to make a joke in bad taste, even knowing and fully admitting it is in bad taste, you will be jumped for making a joke in bad taste. Counterpoint: We know. That's why we made it.

Lesson two: hockey fans are not allowed to simply dislike a player. You just aren't allowed to. Doesn't matter if you have a reason that thousands of others share, you just aren't allowed to. Counterpoint: I don't care. Spend your day trying to convince me otherwise, and at the end of the day, I still won't like the guy, and you will have wasted a day of your life. Congrats.

Lesson three: ignore NHL rules to make a better story. Todd Bertuzzi scored the game winning goal, right? According to every report out of Detroit, he did. By NHL rules, the goal that puts a team in the lead is the game winner. That goal was scored by Pavel Datsyuk, not Bertuzzi. Also, goals in the shootout do not count as a game winner... so... yeah. Nice story, but false.

Reinforcing a point missed often yesterday, the Wild got a huge point in the standings. The loser point was a welcome one against the Wings, and Wild fans should be pleased with the effort and the fact that they got a point at all. Without Koivu, playing the team I consider the best in the West... getting a point is a massive accomplishment.

Moving on to today, make sure you check out the Question of the Day on Facebook, and look into making a pledge for Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops. It happens on Sunday. Make your pledge now, or feel guilty for years. 

Wild News


Sources: Koivu has broken index finger; Wild moves to 7th w shootout loss | StarTribune.com - Post game Rants with updated Koivu info.


Koivu's injury reported to be a fractured finger | StarTribune.com - News paper version.


Amazingly, a Wild point to be had | StarTribune.com - See? Everyones know the point was huge.


Brodziak gets a chance to fill Koivu's skates | StarTribune.com - Brodziak did a superb job. I would have put Cullen there, but Brodziak did well.

Kyle Brodziak fills in ably for injured Mikko Koivu in Wild's shootout loss to Detroit - TwinCities.com - Pioneer Press version of things.

Shootout defeat isn't a total loss for Minnesota Wild, who move up in standings - TwinCities.com - See? SEE? Even Bruce knows.

Point well-taken: Wild falls to Wings 2-1 in a shootout | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities | Radio home of the Minnesota Twins - As do the radio people. 


Wild Week: Helping Out, Then Heading Out - SB Nation Minnesota - A look at the week ahead from some no name writer.

Off the Trail


Bryant right at home as MVP | StarTribune.com - Congrats to Cam. Huge accomplishment, especially after playing against the Wings earlier in the day.

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