Wilderness Walk for 3-23-2011

So much for that angry, pride filled response to getting blown out, eh? While we continue to wait for the plus sized female to begin carrying a tune, we are forced to acknowledge the fact that the season is over. As Jim Mora said, "I just hope [they] can win a game." 

The hope is gone, the season is gone, and now the pride is flat out gone. Not much to work with when professionals give up on them selves. Yet, here we are. Eight games left to play, and regardless of what these guys are thinking, there is still plenty to play for. Contracts, that ever elusive pride, contracts... or hey... how about the fact that people paid a couple hundred bucks to come and watch?

Whatever it is, they need to find something.

The Facebook Question of the Day is here to distract you once again. We have also added some new info to the Daily Scoreboard watch, so watch for that around 10. We may also get to one of the other talking points later in the day.

Wild News


Wild's winless skid hits 7 | StarTribune.com - Le sigh.


Wild better, but simply inadequate | StarTribune.com - Are moral victories possible in a shutout loss?


Wild glad NHL gave Cooke stiff penalty | StarTribune.com -Good to see players reacting well to this. Still very unsure where the hold up is in significant rule changes.


Dismal end to Wild's decade forces fans to review options | StarTribune.com - This was a good read, right up until the "woo" guy was involved. Most annoying thing on the planet.

Rout still stings two days later - TwinCities.com - OK, I get it, but really? Did it really sting? Because I'm not buying that.

Confidence slipping lower, Wild lose their seventh in row, 3-0 to Toronto Maple Leafs - TwinCities.com - Confidence. Not sure anyone in the room could define it right now.

Enemy News


Maple Leafs 3 v. Wild 0: James Reimer Saves - Pension Plan Puppets - We don't normally include gamers from the opposition, but this one is pretty good.

  Leafs, ‘Optimus Reim’ keep the pace in race with 3-0 win over Wild - thestar.com - You don't have to read much of this one. "Optimus Reim" is Latin? Really? Did sports writers not watch cartoons as as kids? 

System News

The Third Intermission: Aeros Lose To Texas - Just following the big club's lead, that's all.

Spacin’ Out " Pilot to Gunner - Interesting read, if nothing else.

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