Wilderness Walk for 3-27-2011


At this point, even Yoda doesn't know where to find the Wild's pride. That's not good. The goofy little green muppet always has some good to say, right? "Do, or do not, there is no try." When resorting to a cheap Star Wars plug is the best you've got, things are desperate. That's all I've got. 

After the game, the Wild locked out the media for half an hour while they discussed the situation with the coaches. Most times in the NHL, this would result in a Tuesday game worth watching, as the Wild would come out guns blazing, angry and out for blood. 

My bet? Nothing changes. 

That's where we are at on this side of the glass, folks. In baseball, if a pitcher has walked three guys, there is no reason for the batter to swing the bat. The think is "Make him throw a strike." The Wild have to prove they have some fire before I am going to give them any credit for having pride in their bellies.

Sorry guys. Throw a strike.

For your entertainment, we have the Facebook Question of the Day. Also... well... there's the um... How about those Twins? Maybe take a look at some quality hockey jerseys from our friends at SportsMemorabilia.com. Thanks for the sponsorship, folks.

Wild News

Wild's collapse continues with another unsightly loss; How long does Richards have? | StarTribune.com - Russo is such a huge homer. #sarcasm.

Wild's battle is now on the inside | StarTribune.com - Interesting quotes to be had in this one. Make sure you read it all. The Brunette quote says quite a bit.

"This is not us": Losing streak hits eight for collapsing Wild | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Unfortunately guys, yes, it is you.

Wild's losing streak is 'a serious situation,' Mikko Koivu says - TwinCities.com - A balanced answer, reasonable. 

Wild GM Chuck Fletcher not second-guessing his decision not to make a big deadline trade - TwinCities.com - That's OK, sir. Your fans are doing all the second guessing for you.

More rudderless teams, please. Blues crush Wild. - St. Louis Game Time - Dear lord... the Wild have become the... Oilers.

System News

The Third Intermission: 3/26/11 -- Aeros Make Peons of Barons in SO, Win 6-5. - Aeros win. Nothing to see here folks. No need to slide your karmic disaster onto them.

Outreach from the Motor City

We received this email from a college student in Michigan, asking for the help of the Hockey Wilderness community. We will be reminding you every day this week to help her out. Without further ado, here's Stacey:

Hello, my name is Stacey and I am currently a student at Macomb Community College, in Michigan, putting together a research paper for my business class. My subject is the promotion of hockey and its growth potential in relation to the different geographical regions of America. 

My reason for contacting you is that I'm looking to get feedback from fans around the NHL via a short survey that I've created. Trolling is not my intention; I don't want feedback solely from Detroit fans-bias will kill my paper and my grade. I want to see how fans from the different regions view and react to hockey. Would you be willing to link/post my survey on Hockey Wilderness? 

The URL is http://bit.ly/hJD7dB and I have pasted a copy below. It is only nine questions and takes less than two minutes to complete.    

So go help her out, you heartless bastards.

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