Wilderness Walk for 3-29-2011: Game Day Edition

Pride... they took it.

Regardless of what has been said for the past week, it will be interesting to me to see how the Wild play tonight. We've seen them curb stomped, sullen, depressed, beaten, and most recently, we have seen a meeting behind closed doors to discuss the matter. 

As we all know, there is nothing left to play for. As we have all read, the players say they still need to "play for each other." Yet, for eight games we have heard the words, and not seen the action. Would love to see a little fire tonight, a little anger, a little... well... anything, really. 

With the entirety of the Wild fan base pleading for something, anything to be happy about, the players owe it not only to themselves, but to the fans they profess to love so much. Whether these guys actually care, or if it is all talk, has yet to be proven. 

While we wait for the coming apocalypse, please check out the Facebook Question of the Day. We had some good fun discussing Dogs and Sioux yesterday. You'll enjoy yourself, I promise.

Current Wild Position

11th place, 78 points, 12 points behind eighth place Chicago Blackhawks
Just one point ahead of Columbus Blue Jackets and St. Louis Blues for 12th

Tragic Number

3 - Wild loss coupled with Chicago win tonight would officially eliminate the Wild.

A huge thank you to Brian at Canes Country for tracking magic & tragic numbers for the SBNation hockey group. Amazing amount of work. Thank you!

Current Draft Position

11th overall. 8 points from a top five pick.
(Wild loss plus a Toronto and CBJ win tonight moves the Wild up three draft positions.)

Games Remaining

7, for a total of 14 points available.

Wild News

Madden's plan: Wild or retire | StarTribune.com - My guess is he would play for cheap, so why not?

Tired of all the talking, struggling Wild say it's time to just 'shut up and play' - TwinCities.com - Well... really it was time a month ago, but I digress. 

Enemy News

St. Louis Blues News, NHL Hockey Schedule, Stats, Forums, Photos & Video -We just figured out Blues News...

St. Louis Game Time - Your SBNation home for everything Blues. 

Off the Trail

I can't imagine how Likely feels about having his Optimus Reim design on James Reimer's mask but... - Pension Plan Puppets - This is very cool, folks. If you don't find this cool, I weep for you. A logo designed by Pucking Hilarious (a great site for awesome hockey shirts) has found its way onto James Reimer's mask. Check it out. Very cool. 

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