Wilderness Walk for 3-31-2011

Still not much to read or write about this team. The Stephane Da Costa chase continues, and the Wild are still not going to make the playoffs. Apparently, the fact that they only have pride to play for is something new, although it seems others were discussing that weeks ago. Could just be me, though.

The Oilers in town tonight. Niklas Backstrom absolutely owns the Oil at the X. Should be a fun one to watch. The kids in Edmonton have improved over the course of the year. Taylor Hall is... you know... good. If for no other reason, you should be watching tonight just to see him. He's that good.

Update: Informed Hall is out for the year, which I knew and spaced completely. So... really, there isn't much reason to watch this one. Enjoy!

Not much in the Walk today, so you'll likely need to find something to entertain yourselves. You could try out the Facebook Question of the Day. We have some pretty good fun with that each day. Other than that, you have about 10 hours until game time, and the only thing to do between now and then is work. No one wants that.

Current Wild Position

11th place, 80 points, 10 points behind eighth place Chicago Blackhawks
Tied with St. Louis Blues, just one point ahead of Columbus Blue Jackets for 13th

Tragic Number

3 - Wild loss coupled with Chicago win would officially eliminate the Wild.

A huge thank you to Brian at Canes Country for tracking magic & tragic numbers for the SBNation hockey group. Amazing amount of work. Thank you!

Current Draft Position

11th overall. 10 points from a top five pick. Tied with Toronto and St. Louis, one win by those teams moves Wild up two spots.

Games Remaining

6, for a total of 12 points available.

Wild News


Wellman can relate to Da Costa | StarTribune.com - Maybe Wellman should call him. I mean, just sayin.

With playoff hopes dashed, Wild players say pride is the only thing left to play for - TwinCities.com - Uh... thanks. I think.

System News

The Third Intermission: Aeros Officially In The Playoffs - No one up here is jealous. Not at all. Bring it home, boys.

Monica's Meanderings


From Abdelkader to Zuccarello – 31 March 2011 | The Hockey Writers - NHL recap, including the Wings having a 10 spot put up against them. Yes, really. I love it.

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