Wilderness Walk for 3-7-2011

I can't seem to get that stupid Keith Urban song out of my head this morning. "The days go by..." Boy, do they ever. It is March 7th already, sixteen games to play, Koivu gone, Clutterbuck gone, Latendresse still gone, Backstrom struggling, flu bug running through the room. It has come back to bite me before, but things look a little sketchy right now.

This is still a good team. Brent Burns, Martin Havlat, Pierre-Marc-Bouchard all still healthy still playing grade A hockey. The problem is they can only be out there so much, then the rest of the team has to chip in. The problem then becomes that the "rest of the team" is now Warren Peters and not Mikko Koivu. Ouch.

We'll see how it plays out, but the confidence level (just in time for new Fan Confidence Poll) is down with the fans. They've pulled off bigger shockers. Can they do it again? 

By the way, apologies for a strong negative vibe today. I am searching for positives, but they are heavily outweighed right now.

Head over to Facebook and answer the Question of the Day. It is relevant, fun, and gives you a chance to vent a bit. Also, just 10 days (including today) to bid on the Defending the Blue Line Camo jerseys. Get in your bid now. Before it is too late.

Wild News

With point at stake, Wild's OT loss stings | StarTribune.com - Needed that second point. No maybes about that.

Latendresse return date remains a difficult call | StarTribune.com - This season is not a reality any more for him. Sorry folks.

'Upper body' injury sidelines Clutterbuck | StarTribune.com - Having been around the pressers, etc, the Wild are generally fairly open with injury news. The fact they aren't saying speaks volumes.

Pitching in: Warren Peters does his part to fill injury-strapped Wild's holes - TwinCities.com - Gamer from the JV squad.

Minnesota Wild mum about Cal Clutterbuck's injury - TwinCities.com - On the plus side, at least they noticed he is hurt. 

System News

The Third Intermission: Weary Aeros feel the heat, lose 5-4 - The Aeros seem to be following the path of the big club lately. Interesting.

Off the Trail

Northwest Herald | Hawks' Leddy growing up fast - Thought a little update on The Savior might help. No? Oh.

Hockey community still grappling with concussions | Minnesota Hockey Hub | MN Boys High School Hockey - Great piece. First part of two.

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