Minnesota Wild Prospect 2011-12 Primer #3: Jason Zucker

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 26: Jason Zucker, drafted in the second round by the Minnesota Wild poses for a portrait during the 2010 NHL Entry Draft at Staples Center on June 26, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Sorry for the delay on the primers but as I am writing, I am sitting trying to find myself a place to sleep from the Montreal Airport, the first time in the past week I've had internet (I am homeless for one night at the moment).

So now we are back with your #3 choice: Jason Zucker


Jason Zucker

#17 / Left Wing / University of Denver



Jan 16, 1992

2010 - Denver
40 23 22 45 21
59 2 1 7 41


Plays with alot of hustle and tons of energy. Has solid offensive abilities all-around; possesses a very good wrist shot. Willing to make the hit, go into the dirty areas and go into traffic. A very good skater with impressive speed. Extremely versatile. Has a solid build to play his style of game. Extremely confident. An accomplished young player; has tons of experience playing international tournaments, including two WJC U-20 Gold Medals as well as two other with Team USA U-18. Won WCHA Rookie of the Year and will be one of Denver's key players.


Questions whether he will develop into a top six forward or settle into the checking role on the third line. While he has good offensive abilities, he doesn't have that extra gear that separates him.


Zucker isn't my #3 choice but I can see how many view him as such.

Like Coyle, he is just so good at so many things and can play so many roles that he will be very valuable on the Wild, whether it means scoring a goal, making a hit or just inserting some energy into the game. His experience playing in two World Juniors (soon to be three) is impressive for such a young kid and will only help him develop his poise and confident at the professional level. Not to mention, potential future captain?


Like I said, not my #3 choice because in the future, I view Zucker as a third liner player. But that doesn't mean he isn't good enough to play in the top six. But his strengths are built for that checking, energy role.

Zucker has all the attributes that the Wild love in their bottom six forward that he fits right in place. Like Clutterbuck, he will play a high-intensity game while possessing a dangerous shot that will give the Wild an impressive third line as well as three lines that can score goals.

Bold statement: a very good third line forward that can play in any situation, score goals and even sometimes fit into the second line and still do very well. A captain officially or just in the locker room, and will just be a confident, reliable NHLer.

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