Wilderness Walk for 9-26-2011

Welcome back everyone. Sounds like the weekend was a big success all around, eh? Well... except for that suspension coming for Brad Staubitz. Oh, and the thumping at the hands of the Penguins. Hopefully there are lessons learned from both. The roster was also cut back to the main team plus a few guys, so from here on out you get to see what this team might be capable of long term.

For anyone who cares, my brother's wedding went well. They are married, which was the point of the whole endeavor, so congrats to the happy couple.

After the jump, news and notes surrounding the team. Enjoy.

Wild News

Bulmer, Wellman, Scandella, Falk, Prosser survive massive Wild roster cut; Updated depth chart | StarTribune.com - Russo discusses the cuts.

17 players get the boot as Wild roster is cut to 24 | StarTribune.com - Russo's newspaper edition.

Wild depth chart | StarTribune.com - What the team looks like after the cuts.

Wild's Staubitz, Columbus' Wisniewski suspended pending hearings | StarTribune.com - After watching two of the Wild's checkers make dirty hits, I am really hoping this sends a message. Clean it up boys.

Wild Talk

First Round Bust: On Brett Bulmer and Opportunities - FRB has a look at the chance Brett Bulmer is being given.

telegraphjournal.com - Momentum building for Sea Dogs | Scott Briggs - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada - Zack Phillips was returned to his junior squad, sans Jonathan Huberdeau. Phillips potted a goal and an assist.

The Hockey News: Special Features: VIDEO: Puck Panel – Minnesota Wild 2011-12 preview - Adam Proteau wants to know if you can name one player on the second line other than Setoguchi. Who... you know... isn't on the second line. Ken Campbell says the Wild "don't have dynamic youth coming up." Yep. That Granlund guy (who THN has ranked in the top 10) is a real slouch. Nothing to be excited about here folks. Move on.

To their credit, it actually is not a bad assessment of the on ice product right now. The video does leave us wanting a bit as they spend time discussing the third line as a source of offense and get bogged down in that terrible top pairing of Marek Zidlicky and Greg Zanon.

Off the Trail

NHL taking tough stand on dangerous hits | StarTribune.com - Love the way the discipline is being handled thus far. The key to long term success remains consistency. If a hit gets Brad Staubitz suspended, will it get Alexander Ovechkin suspended as well?

The Moneypuck Revolution - Or, as Nathan and I agree, the death of hockey.

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