Wilderness Walk for 1-15-2012

Stop 14B, everyone. Once again, stop 14B.

The Wild lost again last night, Mikko Koivu is hurt, could be seriously. Figured we better have another stop on the route, let a few more people off the band wagon. While I agree that if Koivu is lost long term, this team is fried and served on a nice plate, I am not going to deal well with the folks who come out of the woodwork to criticize management and call for jobs.

The exercise the other day, with the role playing, was to give you an idea of just how limited your options are. A few of you got that. Others, well, disappeared when faced with the tough choices. The real GM, coach, and captain don't get to do that. They face them everyday. Go ahead and lose five top six guys, get them back, then lose three again.

Good luck.

Oh, and for all you PDO, Corsi, Fenwick mumbo-jumbo followers. Thanks for the predictions. You really proved how bad this team was, and how right your stats were to everyone around here. Yep. I remember the day you all predicted the Wild would start to slide due to something that predicted none of what has actually caused them to slide. But that's right, they don't actually predict why or how things happen, just that they will. But then they don't predict that, just trends.

Be proud. Must be nice to have a way to claim you were right now matter what happens.

Links after the jump.

Wild News

Wild captain Mikko Koivu injured | StarTribune.com - Someone go back and show me where the PDO predictors predicted this one. Anyone? Beuler?

Gillies picked up by Blue Jackets | StarTribune.com - Is this rearranging chairs on the Titanic again? Could be.

Tough night, tough finish for Wild | StarTribune.com - Gamer from Russo.

Mikko Koivu injures shoulder during shootout loss at St. Louis | StarTribune.com - Post Game Rants

For Wild's Yeo, hockey is a way of life | StarTribune.com - Excellent piece from Chip Scoggins. Fishing and hockey. Yep, he can stay.

Blues 3, Wild 2 (SO): Minnesota falls in shootout despite strong games from Josh Harding, Justin Falk - TwinCities.com - Gamer from across the river.

Zulgad: Another reminder of Doug Risebrough's first-round failures - Minnesota Wild news | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) - Indeed.

Off the Trail

MSHSL announces stiffer penalties for hockey hits | kare11.com -Yes, yes, 1000x YES.

It's not time to make a goalie deal | TBO.com - Tampa writers do not feel this is the time to make a goalie deal.

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Speed makes, breaks game | StarTribune.com - Good write up. Curious about the reaction.

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