Wilderness Walk for 1-17-2012: Game Day Edition

Cal Clutterbuck looks over the shoulder of Ray Emery in the Search for Pride event 2012.

Who's got money on the Wild tonight? Just curious who I should be laughing at.

There are so many factors working against the Wild in tonight's game, that only a hugemongous mental breakdown by the Flyers gives the Wild any chance. Not to be a negative Nancy, but is there anything at all in the past three weeks that has given someone the impression that the Wild can keep up with a team like the Flyers? That's a real question. Has anyone got anything?

I have a feeling most Wild fans are taking tonight off. It's just a feeling. I could be wrong. Hope to see the comment thread full tonight, of course. Not counting on it, but would love to see you here to at least commiserate.

Short Walk today. Enjoy.

Wild News

Minnesota Wild Stuck In Tough Spot After Strong Start Fizzles - SBNation.com - Bruce explains the situation well over on the NHL Hub.

For captainless Wild, postseason is now | StarTribune.com - Indeed. Win or go home at this point. So, you know, start packing.

Wild's Mikko Koivu likely out until all-star break because of upper-body injury - TwinCities.com - Yep.

Officially, Wild calling Koivu week-to-week | StarTribune.com - Gotta love the week-to-week tag.

Enemy News

Philly Flyers, Philadelphia Flyers, Flyers, Flyers News - Philly.com - Newspaer from the City of Brotherly love.

Broad Street Hockey - Your SBNation home for Flyers fun.

Off the Trail

What We Learned: Why the West should start being very afraid of the Los Angeles Kings | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - A few of you read this yesterday, so let me just tell you this. Lambert's job is to troll fan bases. Everything he writes in every location he writes, is meant to do nothing more than make people mad. If you buy into it, he wins. Now, in the past, he has been fairly entertaining. At some point along the way, he ran out of material, started writing for too many sites, or his creative processes shut off. I like a joke in the direction of the Wild as much as anyone else (I really do), but these posts have fallen back to relying on the same old jokes. I keep waiting to tune in and see that the Wild are a boring trap team.

Meh. Buy in and get angry if you wish. I've reached the point of pity for the guy. He's trying hard to be bitter and funny, and he's failing miserably at it.

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