Wilderness Walk for 1-22-2012


The big question of the day is: Was anyone around to actually see the Wild win last night? Do we need to turn the bandwagon around? We will if need be. All I know is that from the press box, it sure looked like the fans were having a great deal of, wait for it... fun.

You do all remember fun, right?

Today's Walk is relatively short compared to those we have seen in the past, but the quality is very high. Well, except for one article that I'm still not sure why I even put it in. Still, it should be a good read for everyone. You get a little bit high, and then there is a dash of reality. Pretty much like what the Wild are up to.

Enjoy your day, folks. If anyone out there was at Skate for the Troops yesterday, thank you for coming.

Wild News

Chad Rau scores winner in NHL debut; Powe sparks rally by fighting Ott | StarTribune.com - I'm a big fan of when Russo and I agree. Neither of us change the lineup against Colorado. Why would you?

Zidlicky scratched for first time as a Wild; Chad Rau to make NHL debut | StarTribune.com - And there was much rejoicing.

Wild delivers the ol' 1-2-3 punch against Dallas | StarTribune.com - Gamer.

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Time to sound off, Wild fans | StarTribune.com - Great to see a little of the famous Russo brand of snark make the paper.

Tom Powers: Wild dig deep in the heart of Texas - TwinCities.com - And then there is this. Let's see how many lame stereotypes about Texas we can fit into one article, and do everything we can to not make any of them funny. It really isn't difficult to make Texas jokes funny, and yet Tom failed with all of them. Impressive.

By the way... if you don't know who is playing for the Aeros, Tom... they have a website. Packed with information. If you still can't figure it out, there are people who actually *gasp* cover the podunk team. You know the one... in the fourth largest city in the country.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Extra time thwarts Aeros again, lose 4-3 to Stars in SO - Tom doesn't know who is on the roster, yet they keep picking up points.

The Third Intermission: Rau scores first NHL goal, and then it hits me - Excellent read from Andrew at T3I. Always nice to have a reminder that people are cheering for the Aeros, and that there is a fan base down there, a coach who wants to win, and players with motives beyond just being in the NHL. Great piece. Maybe we could get this to Tom somehow.

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