Weekly Wild Update: Week of 1-23-2012

Before we go too far, this has enough to do with the week ahead... Mikko Koivu will NOT play in the All Star game. Replaced by Jordan Eberle. Nick Johnson WILL attend the ASG, as was originally reported, then removed. So there you go. Nick Johnson. All Star.

At this point in a season, the words become short. What can be said that hasn't already? Players are in the groove, for better or worse. Trades are being attempted to shake things loose, but there is no guarantee of anything happening. Anyone waiting for help from the outside is going to be stuck with nothing.

Or... pretty much what's left in the tank at this point.

Highs and lows, ups and downs. What happens next is anyone's guess. But first... the All Star Game. How exciting. A little time off may do the Wild some good, or it could kill all momentum they have from the win against Dallas, if there was any.

After the jump, a look back, and a look ahead. Anyone have any thoughts as the break approaches?

Last Week

Things looked rather bleak last week. Embarrassing losses to both the Flyers and the Maple Leafs left the team, and their fans, with a collective feeling of despair. Chuck Fletcher has been seen working the phone, reports are that he is working hard to make a trade. Will it help? Who knows.

The loss to the Flyers was bad. No physical play, no shooting, no anything. The Flyers truly appeared to be in a practice session. Ugly. Against a struggling goalie and all. Defensemen scoring at will, all wall of orange in front of both nets... just plain bad.

Of course, things could be worse, right? Against the Leafs, the Wild didn't even show up. Big words were thrown out around Wild camp, with players saying all the right things. Yet, by the end of the game, Nick Schultz was dropping f-bombs, and it was time for change, even if no team was willing to trade.

After the two losses out east, Fletcher sent two guys to Houston and called up four more. Message sent. The Wild poured out five goals against Dallas, in the only saving grace to the week. Things certainly are not better, but it was a bright spot.

The Week Ahead

Just one game, and then we hit the All-Star break. A week of no hockey. Ugh.

The Wild head west to Colorado for a date with the always exciting Avalanche. And by "exciting," we mean completely and utterly boring in every way. When articles are written about how boring the Wild are, you have to wonder of the author has ever watched an Avs game. It does, however, give us such a lovely opportunity to get some insightful writing from Adrian Dater. Which, as you all know, is just so good it makes us ashamed to be called writers.

Yep. Just a lovely week ahead.

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