Tim Thomas is a racist?

When news broke yesterday that Tim Thomas had skipped out on the team trip to the White House, twitter was in a mad rush to judge. Of course all that happened before it was even known why he wasn't there. It could have been because of a family emergency. But alas, one brave Boston writer pointed out the well kept secret that Tim Thomas is in fact a Republican. (Ignore the Gadsden flag on his helmet, it means nothing.) Of course, facts being facts Tim Thomas is actually a Tea Party supporter and not a Republican. And if you don't know the difference, well, you aren't alone. But I'm not writing this to preach about politics... okay, maybe a little, but instead to point out the vast amount of ignorance and bigotry that was put on display yesterday by fans and writers. Join me after the Jump.

First things first, let me make my own biases clear. I am a small "l" libertarian and a supporter of the Tea Party movement. I am a former Republican who left the party around 2005-2006. In 2008 I voted for neither Obama nor McCain. I grew up in a family of FDR-Kennedy Democrats. And if you need the complete dossier, my eyes are blue.

So the judgments rained down on Thomas, with some defending him, some criticizing and most making good points. "It's a team event." "It's disrespectful to his teammates." "It shows he stands by his convictions." Many thoughtful people made thoughtful cases for how they felt about his decision. But this post isn't about those people. No this is about the great open minded geniuses who have declared: Tim Thomas is a racist.

But Before I start singling out a few of my favorite twitterers, I do have to say that these people should not be hated. We should feel sorry for them. After all, having a small, closed mind is protected by the ADA. And what's really sad, is that there is no cure. Now I could spell out to you all the reasons why the Tea Party isn't racist, but frankly it's a waste of time. I laid out the facts in my twitter discussion with PPP's MLSE. And his only response: "you knowknothing hardy har har." (Get it, because my twitter name is knowsknothing) The burden of proof is on those who claim the tea party is racist to prove it, and they can't. But that doesn't stop the jokes! Lets start with the best one. This comes from TSN's Dave Hodge.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *breathe* HAHAHAHAHA. Oh my gosh, get it. His kids names all start with K! As in K K K! Oh this is hilarious. This tweet was so funny that former Democratic Senator and Klan Kleagle Robert Byrd was rolling in his grave... with laughter. I mean there is nothing funnier than implying a guy is not only a racist because he disagrees with the president, but implying he's in the Klan because he named his kids K! K! K! *breathe* Sorry I can't stop laughing. And the best part, oh this is gold, in his dig on Thomas he drags the man's little girls through the mud too. Whooo boy. I can't stop laughing.

Of course Dave Hodge is just a lowly TSN personality. Let's talk about someone who really matters, a blogger. My old friend MLSE who writes for PPP. Now for full disclosure he and I had a little disagreement last year over Sarah Palin. And he sure set me straight. After all, he knows how women should behave and act, and she just wasn't living up to his standards. So when this tweet came across my twitter feed, I couldn't wait for him to set me straight again.


HAHAHA ohhh, not quite as funny as the last one. Although you know I "knowsknothing" so I'm a bit slow. I think he's making a funny by saying "of course Tim Thomas is a racist, but I'd respect him if he at least admitted it." After all he is a tea partier and what do we know about tea partiers...


That's right, the tea party only exists because Obama is black. I mean it couldn't possibly be that average Americans and disgruntled republicans upset with George W. Bush's big government ways, who saw politicians bail out crooked banks and wall street firms, who then saw a president come in and propose 3 trillion in stimulus, propose a takeover of healthcare and who ignored the will of the American people at every turn got a little upset and finally decided government had gotten too big? Noooo silly me. It's because Obama is black. It's funny though MLSE seems to be pretty obsessed with Obama's skin color himself. Hmmm. Anyway, stupid me tried to reason with him and explain all this. I even pointed out how in South Carolina (the most racist state you know) The Tea Party voted in Tim Scott over the son of segregationist Strom Thurmond. But alas mlse made sure I knew that, like Palin, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Herman Cain, etc didn't live up to his standards as to what a minority person should be. He's so smart. I wanted to get one more comment from him before I posted, but sadly, he blocked me. I cries.

*Sigh* that part made me sad. I need to get back to the jokes. For that lets go to writer and Washington Post contributor Slava Malamud. Oh man, I can't believe I never followed this guy. He is just a little ball of fire. And ever since the South Carolina primary he has been on a roll. He was first introduced to me via a RT of this:


Haha oh boy. You see Newt Gingrich won in South Carolina, and he was the "racist" one. I'm not sure what makes Newt a racist so don't ask me I'm not smart enough to know these things. Of course he went on and on that night about South Carolina and how beating their wives is the official sport. I mean it was hilarious. And based on facts and evidence and all that stuff too. Something else I noticed, this is a lot like the tweet from mlse. They must share the same sense of humor or comedy writer or small mind or something.

So yesterday, Slava started the entertainment early. Before he, or anyone even knew Thomas wasn't there he posted this.


Now how did he know Thomas was a Tea Party guy. It was a secret. He's so smart. And see *breathe* sorry laughing again. I almost ROFL'd. You see tea party are just stupid, inbred redneck, birthers who believe Obama is actually Kenyan. So of course Tim Thomas might just ask, tee hee. One thing thats kinda bothering me little, this terminology he uses to describe Obama is a little ra... I'm sorry, never mind.

So about this time he realizes Thomas didn't show up, and I think he got kinda mad.


Of course not Slava. No one would disrespect a white president. I mean no athlete would've skipped out on Bush. And only a racist Tea Party guy would skip out on meeting Obama. So no excuses. And after all, this is America where dissent is unpatriotic. It doesn't matter that Obama and the democrats have spent the last 3 years calling tea partiers racists, murderers, and terrorists, and terrorists again. How dare he disrespect the president in this way. On the other hand if he was a nascar driver...


See get it. Its the whole all southerners and Nascar drivers are racist thing. *yawn* Sorry, I know this is a great joke but I must be all laughed out. Maybe I should just post the tweets.


You see, he's not saying Tim Thomas is a racist, but... Tim Thomas is a racist. And I'm not saying a hack beat writer who loves throwing bombs but won't respond to my tweets is a coward, but...


You see this one is a joke. I think. The link goes to a story about someone's cat being killed over politics. Is it true? If you ask me it doesn't pass the smell test. But despite that, I mean haha Thomas being a tea party guy means he has blood on his hands over some sicko's actions, kinda like when Sarah Palin shot those people in Arizona... I'm laughing, how about you?

But, I don't want to get angry. After all this is hockey. And hockey writers are tolerant open minded people. When Sean Avery stood up for marriage equality I'm sure each of them praised him, as they should have. And when agents, TV guys, bloggers attacked Avery I'm sure they stood up for him, as they should have. They stood up against bigotry. As I now do. As we all must do. Whether you agree or disagree with Thomas's decision. whether you agree or disagree with his politics, we all must agree, that calling him or anyone else a racist simply because they disagree with the president is deplorable. To judge a man not on what he believes, but based on what you ignorantly think he believes, and then to call him the worst thing you possibly can, is the very definition of bigotry. And to drag his family into the smear or accuse him of being responsible for a reprehensible act, well that's just sick. I expect nothing from mlse, he's too blinded by his prejudice to listen to little things like reason and facts. But Slava Malamud, an employee of the NHL and Dave Hodge of TSN owe Tim Thomas an apology. And Hodge should apologize to the little girls he dragged through the mud. And if they won't apologize well then that says a lot about them, just like these tweets say more about their authors than they could ever say about Tim Thomas.

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The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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