Weekly Wild Update: Week of 1-30-2012

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A week long break for the All Star Game really needs to be reexamined. It is absolutely terrible for what seems to be a large number of fans to go without any NHL hockey at all for a full week, just so the corporate big wigs can have their fun. Obviously, the feelings around here for the ASG are well known, and we could even put up with it, if only there didn't need to be such a long lay off to make it happen.

Right now, players beg out of the silly spectacle, those who do go look to be having a good time, but ask the average Joe Hockey Fan, and it all adds up to a lame event that forces the league to be off for a week. No other league shuts itself down for a week for this type of event. It's a joke and it needs to stop.

Thankfully, things get back into gear as we head down the stretch and toward the trade deadline.

Last Week

Well... there was the... and the... with the... Last week sucked. Of course, there was the one game in Colorado, which the Wild did win and put themselves back inside the playoff bubble. Then... nothing. For five days.

The Week Ahead

The NHL schedule makers must have a real sick sense of humor. The Wild play at home on Tuesday against the Predators, then go back on the road. To where? Colorado. You know, where they JUST WERE. Then, they fly back across the country to Columbus for one game before coming back to the X.

But the new alignment doesn't make sense because of travel. Yeah. Sure.

Games against the Predators are always fun. They shouldn't be, but they are. Plus, you get an up close and personal look at Ryan Suter, a player who, if he makes it to UFA status, Chuck Fletcher will likely make a strong push toward. Finally, you get the chance to deal with the good folks at On the Forecheck, which is always a bonus.

The games against the Avalanche and Blue Jackets will likely be less fun. The Avs, always just so exciting to watch, and the Blue Jackets with their terrible record, meaning the Wild are almost guaranteed to lose. This week could easily go 3-0, or 0-3. Should all depend on which team comes out of the frustratingly long All Star break.

The chips are down. Time to pull it together or call it over.

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