Ducks for Sale - Who (if anyone) should the Wild target?

Despite firing Randy Carlyle and hiring Bruce Boudreau, the Ducks are still a total mess. There don't seem to be any immediate solutions to help the Ducks turn their season around. If it weren't for the extremely underwhelming Columbus Blue Jackets, the Ducks would be the worst team in the NHL. Only 3 points separate the Ducks from the bottom of the standings. The Ducks are clearly not a playoff team this year, even if Corey Perry goes into beast mode again and scores at a goal per game clip. Due to parity, there are very few sellers, but the Ducks are clearly one of them.

Word has come down that Anaheim GM Bob Murray is putting his entire roster on sale, with the exception of Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu. That's right, Wild fans. Ryan Geztlaf, Bobby Ryan, and Corey Perry are all in play; however, the price tag will be steep.

he's not rebuilding and seeking draft picks. if he trades a core player, it would be for another core-type player.

The Wild desperately need some offensive help, and the Ducks have point machines on their roster. To help matter, Bobby Ryan, Ryan Getzlaf, and Corey Perry do not have any type of No-Trade or No-Movement Clauses. They're available to the right bidder. Would it be worth it to send some pieces away to get the Wild back on the right track? Make the jump, and we'll take a look at some trade scenarios.

Trading for Ryan Getzlaf:

This is the trade I find most unlikely to happen. Getzlaf, a top-line center, would mean the Ducks would require back a top-line center. The Wild have two guys that would fill the two requirements of being a core player and a top line center: Mikko Koivu and Mikael Granlund. Zack Phillips could earn consideration, but his lack of elite speed and the fact that he may not make the NHL next year has me thinking Anaheim would be looking for a little bit more of a "can't miss" type of player.

I can't see Fletcher trading away the Kaptain or the Savior. Getzlaf is definitely a win-now guy, but Koivu and Granlund represent the future of the club. In addition, it would be tough to part with Koivu or Granlund for a center that's only on the books for this and next season. Getzlaf could walk away to a lucrative UFA deal. It just seems like it would be way too much to give up to get Getzlaf. No thank you. Next please.

Trading for Corey Perry:

Another deal I doubt the Wild can swing. No one player on the Wild's roster comes close to matching a 50-goal scoring MVP in his prime. Dany Heatley at one point would have been worth it, but I seriously doubt the Ducks are looking to get older. Heatley also has declined in scoring every season after leaving Ottawa, so there's just no way that Heatley for Perry would work.

That means the Wild are looking at dealing, at minimum, a pair of top-6 forwards for Perry. I think the only way this could work would be if the Wild packaged both Devin Setoguchi and Dany Heatley for Perry. That would leave an even bigger gap in the top-6, so while Perry is a stud goal scorer in his prime, I don't think Fletcher could reasonably do this deal. That's a big loss as far as bodies go. No deal here.

Trading for Bobby Ryan:

This is where things get interesting. Bobby Ryan is a great player, but he's a step below Getzlaf or Perry. Ryan could be had a slightly lower price than either Getzlaf or Perry. Certainly, the Ducks would need a top-6 winger back.

Devin Setoguchi could possibly be in play. He hasn't really met any type of expectations. Currently on pace for 30 points (lowest since his rookie season when he played 44 games), Setoguchi hasn't really found a role on either of the top two lines. Looking back at the Burns trade, Setoguchi was really moved to give the Wild back a player and to clear cap space for Burns. No offense to the guy, but he really seems like the afterthought that finished the trade. Moving Setoguchi would be tough on the guy, but this is a business, and Fletcher needs to make business decisions.

Looking pragmatically, Setoguchi for Ryan isn't nearly enough. The Ducks would definitely need more back. Charlie Coyle could be part of a package deal. There are some character questions with the guy (leaving school), and he hasn't shown the ability to dominate games (college and the WJC), but he's still young and raw. He does fit the mold of the Burke-style players. He's a big, power forward that will win battles everywhere on the ice. Playing with a center like Getzlaf would only help his scoring. Setoguchi gives the Ducks a 2nd-line wing for when Selanne retires.

It's a big price tag, no doubt, but there's no guarantee that Coyle is an NHL star, and Setoguchi isn't gelling. If it were me, I would offer Setoguchi, Coyle, and a future pick in exchange for Bobby Ryan. It's not every day you get to make an offer for a 3-time 30-goal scorer who's under 25. Ryan scored 31 in 64 games and was totally jobbed out of the Calder in his true rookie season.

Trading for Jason Blake:

Ah, dark horses. We all have them. Here's mine:
Jason Blake is an aging veteran, but he's shown time and time again that he has that scoring touch. He's got speed to burn and knows how to find the net. For all those folks who are convinced that an all-Minnesota team is the way to go (no clue why you box out the rest of the world), Blake is from Moorhead. He's on the last year of his deal, so the Wild aren't necessarily tied to a long-term contract. He could make a perfect 2nd-line wing to play with Cullen and Pierre-Marc Bouchard. The only concern would be a serious lack of size, but the speed on that line would make up for that.

Since Blake is past his prime and has just this season left, he could be had cheap. A deal sending Wellman to Anaheim for Blake can't be that far off. Wellman, fair or not, just hasn't gotten his fair shake at the lineup. He continues to toil on the 4th line. Fletcher brought him in, and he really was the first signal of a change in mindset, but since then he's been a non-factor with the NHL club. Wellman still has upside, and the Ducks probably wouldn't pass on a young speedster for an aging veteran. This deal seems possible to me.

Beyond those four, I'm not sure who the Wild would want. The Wild have too many defensmen, so I doubt they would be looking to add another blueliner. Cogliano doesn't fit in a top-6 role, and the Wild are pretty set with their bottom-6 right now. The Ducks may be interested in getting Harding, as Hiller hasn't looked quite right. I'm not sure the Wild could get much back besides Dan Ellis, though, so it may not be a deal Fletcher is looking to make.

How about you, Wilderness...what Duck would look better in the Iron Range Red?

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