Aeros GDT 11/18- Live from the Xcel Engery Center!

Hannah Foslien

Aeros host the Rockford Ice Hogs at Xcel Energy Center tonight at 5pm

It’s time for pro-hockey at the X! It may not be the Wild, but it’s the best we are going to get for awhile. Besides, at the rate negotiations are going, the guys playing tonight are about 25 or so before we get a NHL game again. But enough negative, we’ve got a hockey game to enjoy.

The Aeros were bested by the Hogs in the game on Friday night. The final score was 2-1, but the Hogs did their best to allow the Aeros a chance to win it. I believe we were on the power eleven or twelve times during the game. You can bet that Torchetti was unhappy with that performance and if the Hogs play a similar game tonight, they are going to pay the price.

Puck drops at 5pm, and as far as I know it will NOT be on tv. Catch up with Aero Joe on twitter for an audio feed closer to game time. I will attempt to get it posted here as well. I will be attempting to live tweet the game, but it will mostly just be big plays/fights/penalties/goals.

Being that this is the state of hockey, today is a bit of a homecoming for a few of the guys playing. The Aeros have few hometown boys playing as well, Mike Montgomery, Brian Connelly, Jarod Palmer, and Chad Rau all claim Minnesota as their home state. Palmer has been out with an injury for a few weeks, and Rau took a puck to the foot in the game against San Antonio and didn’t make the trip. From the Ice Hogs, Brandon Svendsen and Nick Leddy are home grown boys, and Dylan Olson played hockey for UMD. So if people around you are cheering for one of these guys, calm yourself. It’s probably their grandma. Plus, We’ve gotta support our hometown players. Just as long as the Hogs don’t win, or hurt any more players from the Aeros.

Speaking of injuries, Kampfer is in MN. No word on if he will be playing, but I can’t imagine he will be. He has a large history with head injuries(do a search for Steven Kampfer head injuries and you’ll see what I’m talking about) and concussion symptoms, so I’m willing to bet the Aeros don’t have him suit up. The Aeros didn’t call up anyone from Orlando, so it’s likely that Drew Bagnall is feeling better and will be in the line-up tonight. That should make the chirping/fighting a bit more entertaining as well.

Tonight’s game questions

1.) The Hogs gave the Aeros a ton of possibilities to score on the power play, which has been pretty good for us all year. Do they continue their penalty-fest and allow the Aeros a chance for redemption?

2.) Jason Zucker and Charlie Coyle were pretty much shut down on Friday night. Do they come back with a bit of "fiv-ya" (fire) and show everyone that they are both the real deal and ready for the big club soon?

3.) How is the crowd at the X? Prospect camp scrimmages had a huge turnout thanks to the Parise/Suter signings, but now that the lockout has dragged on this long, do hockey fans snub anything relating to the Wild organization?

4.) The Aeros defense woke up a bit after Kampfer got hurt. Do they make this a streak of playing well, or do the regress to playing normal Aeros defense?

5.) Most importantly, does the audio team at the X continue their terrorizing of Russo by playing "good feeling" by Flo Rida?

Lastly, welcome back to any of the SCHers that venture back tonight. You guys are such good sports!

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