Aeros GDT 11/23

Ezra Shaw

Houston takes on the San Antonio Rampage tonight at 7pm

Happy day after Thanksgiving Wilderness! Hopefully everyone is full on turkey and stuffing, finished their black Friday shopping and ready for some Houston Aeros hockey. With the cancelation of the All-Star game and all regular NHL games through December 14th, the Aeros are going to be as good as we get for a while.

The biggest news out of Houston today is that Darcy Keumper has been reassigned to the Orlando Solar Bears. I admit I was sort of upset about this for a while, and slightly confused. According to Heather, he is only being sent down there in order to get a start and keep in shape, he will be sent back to Houston in time for Sunday’s game. Matt Hackett’s back up will be John Curry, who has been playing in Orlando this year. The Goalie Guild had a chat with Curry at Aeros training camp, which you can read here. Please don’t do anything dumb like getting hurt Hacks. Granlund is back in Houston as well, but there has been no announcement as to when he will be back on the ice.

Tonight’s game is against the San Antonio Rampage (baby Panthers). Last time these two teams faced off (10 days ago), the Aeros won in a 7-5 game. Hopefully tonight’s outcome will be the same amount of Aeros goals, and drastically less Rampage goals. The Aeros are sitting at 1-1 in games against the Rampage this season.

Tonight’s questions

  1. The last time the Aeros played the Rampage, it was a high scoring fest for both teams. Has either team picked up on how to play defense since the 13th?
  2. Matt Hackett has been hot and cold all season, but was on fire at the Xcel Sunday. Does he keep riding his hot streak?
  3. Jason Zucker was pretty quiet in the series against Rockford. Last game against the Rampage he skated away with 4 points. Does he get back in his grove tonight?
  4. Aeros power play has left something to be desired as of late. Now that the team is back in Texas and they have had a few days to work out some kinks, does the power play come back into being a force to be reckoned with?
  5. Oh, the penalties. The Aeros are back to averaging more than 12.5 PIMs a game, and have taken 35 PIMS in the last 3 games. However, only 5 of those are for fighting. Does the parade to the penalty box continue?

Radio streamed on 1070am KNTH in Houston, and I beliebe you can stream it from the AHL website.

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