Giving up Hope - My Lockout Rant

Unfortunately, I am coming to the bitter realization that I don't least to the NHL and the Minnesota Wild.

I'm not a season ticket holder. I'm not a huge corporate entity that can buy a suite and fill it with food, drinks and business people for 40 home games a season.

I can't imagine going to 40 home games a year. I envy those of you who can.

I'm just a hockey fan. I'm a die hard one too. (I'm guessing that if you're actually reading a fan post on HW in the midst of a Lockout, you probably are too.) I can't go online and post about how "I'm going to boycott the NHL and never watch NHL hockey again!" I can't do it...Even though I'd like to. I'll be back, I know i will.

I love hockey. I love the sport. I play the sport. I consume every bit and byte that Bloggers, Beat Writers and Sports Websites post about my beloved Wild and to a lesser extent the NHL. I watch FSN, OLN/VS/NBCsports and the NHLNetwork to get my hockey fix during the season. When I can, I buy tickets and head to the X , but that only happens 2-3 times a year. My $$ footprint in St Paul isn't large enough for the team to get too upset about not having me there.

With the excitement of Suter and Parise signing I was all ready to buy a new Wild Jersey with one of their names on it once the season started. I was going to be wearing it proudly, everywhere. I'd need a new hat and maybe a sweatshirt too. That would have been awesome.

So here I am trying to figure out what I can do to make myself herd and voice my displeasure with the League and Team that I love. The best I can come up with is to lock them out....of my spending.

I'm thinking that I'll avoid the X next year altogether. They didn't need my money this year, why would they want it next year? I'll skip the newest NHL franchise from EA Sports. Then when it comes time to look at cellular providers...maybe Verizon won't be quite as important to me as it was. T-Mobile was really good when I had them 4 years ago, maybe they deserve me back?

I figure that abandoning those sponsors like the NHL abandoned me, should be good enough. My $1000 a year isn't enough to truly hurt anyone...but it's the only real way that I can voice my anger with the League and team for this lockout.

I'll probably still buy a new jersey for myself, but this time I'll put MY name on it. It will matter more to me that way. I'll have it forever....No need to buy and other one because a player left town. (I do have a Gaborik jersey. When will it be OK to wear his gear again?)

Thanks for reading 500 words from some random guy ranting about the lock out...

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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