Aero's weekend summary

We hit over 400 posts on this weekends thread, with little to no drama! Check it out for some good laughs. Here's the answers to our weekend questions, chime in and let your voice be heard! (Also let me know if you want me to stop with the Aero's posts lol)

1.) Does Granlund live up to his rookie of the month title this weekend? He is rookie of our hearts, as anyone could tell after he got hurt and we went ape-shit (obviously Brodin’s injury also played a role). Luckily it appears that it is NOT a knee injury, just a muscle thing that should have him out for a week or two. Hopefully he’ll be healed and healthy for the game here in MN.

2.) There's been a lot of talk about how Houston and OKC are the teams to watch this year. Who looks better over our two game series with them? While the series was tied, honestly from what I’ve heard/read/watched, we seriously outplayed them the first game. We did the same thing in the second. It’s a close call, and it will be interesting to see how each team progresses through the year. Andrew (our Aero’s writer) has the right idea in thinking this is going to be a great playoff rivalry .

3.) Do we lose steam over the long weekend due to a three in three plus travel (and yes, I do believe they are busing back from OKC Saturday night...13 hours I believe) We were bruised and battered this weekend. Somehow we managed to get away with points in 2 of the three games, and almost in all three. The guys are surprising me for sure.

4.) Is this the weekend that Pizza scores his first goal of the season? Since he is injured as well, that’s a big damn no. And a big damn sad fact.

5.) How does the return of the beast line look? It’s broken. Again. Phillips looked good Sunday while centering Coyle and Zucker though.

6.) Assuming Keumper and Hackett share goal duties this weekend, who looks better? Based on points, Hackett stole the show. Keumper looked great as well, don’t get me wrong. But Hackett looked like he was back on his game (THANK GOD), and he’s closer to being NHL ready than Keumper is.

7.) How badly does our D struggle? Well, this is twofold. We are calling up guys from the ECHL because our defense is filling out the IR list nicely. But they are improving, somewhat. Cuma was awesome Sunday. However, I have definitely noticed that our forwards are playing back a lot. Rau was blocking shots left and right, and Zucker blocked a really tough shot towards the end of the game. Coyle and Phillips have been back a ton too. While it’s nice that these guys have some D in their game, these are our scoring guys. They need to be up to score the goals, not picking up the slack of our shambling defense. My 2 cents obviously, but it’s starting to frustrate me that our top forwards are playing the role of top defense as well. It’s too easy to get hurt doing that and we have a full IR right now.

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