Aeros GDT 12/7

Richard Wolowicz

Baby Wild take on the Baby Stars, plus the return of Little Fin!!

Alright folks…another Friday night, another Aeros hockey game. The game tonight is in Austin, TX at 7:30pm against the Texas Stars. This will be the fourth time these two teams meet. The Aeros lost in the last meeting, but have won the other two games against the Stars.

The BIG news tonight is that Little Fin (Mikael Granlund) is making his return. I personally can’t wait to see him out there playing again; it will bring a little bit of relief to this horrible rollercoaster we have been on lately. Other transactional news, Darcy Kuemper has been sent down (over really) to Orlando in order to actually play. I can’t remember for sure, but I believe he is going to be there for two weeks this time as opposed to one day. This really solves the puzzle on who is the number one goaltender when it comes to the Aeros. Matt Hackett has absolutely been on fire lately, so he deserves it.

The Stars have an overall record of 11-8, compared to the Aeros record of 11-6, and are sitting in 9th place in the Western conference (Aeros are number 6). While the Aeros have been on a hot streak lately, the Stars have won 5 out of their last 6 games. In theory, it should be pretty close. In reality I think with Granlund back, the Aeros are going to be really tough to beat. As long as the defense doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel.

Just a quick note, Cam Barker doesn’t play for us anymore (YIPEE!). I know last game against the Stars there were a few people caught off-guard when his name was announced (maybe just me)…he actually plays for the Stars now.

I will absolutely do my best to update the tread with game info, but I’m getting (Ok, by the time this is posted it will have already happened, so I got…) all four of my wisdom teeth pulled today. No guarantees that I will be awake, or even semi-functional all game. Although, I’m pretty damn hysterical when I’m drugged up so everyone should stop by for some entertaining "Thoughts of Emilie".

Lastly, if you haven’t already voted for your favorite argument in Sibling Squabblers you really need to. This weeks topic is Jason Zucker and his future with the MN Wild. If you’re watching Aeros updates you have to be at least semi-interested in him.

Tonight’s questions

  1. Little fin is back, and the beast line while be in full form again. How do they look? (Hopefully like Heaven, especially our future 2nd liner Jason Zucker)
  2. The Aeros haven’t had a game in over a week. Do they start off rusty or are they ready to go?
  3. How many times do we get to laugh and point at Barker? While thinking…thank god he doesn’t play for us anymore…
  4. The last game against the Barons did a number on the Aeros PIM. Have they calmed down a little for tonight?
  5. Is tonight the night the Aeros defense comes back from vacation? I hope they got a damn good tan, and some nice souvenirs for me. Like a pet shark.

Follow Aero Joe for the official radio feed, or check in at for payable video feeds. Hope to see everyone here tonight!

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