Wilderness Walk for 2-14-2012: Game Day Edition

We don't normally make a habit of talking about the links before the jump here on the Walk, but today, we make an exception.

Yesterday, we wrote a bit about Justin Fontaine and his rather major misstep on Twitter. As a recourse, the Wild have suspended Fantiane for two games, and added to their social media policy for their players and prospects. It was obvious the Wild were not going to stand by and watch it happen without doing something. The NHL has acted on less, and given the chance, the AHL may have acted in this incident. Perhaps the Wild were being proactive, perhaps not.

Either way, the fact that Fontaine is going to miss two games for something that could have been easily avoided, and didn't even take place on the ice, is disappointing. The fact that the Wild organization acted in a bold manner and made a clear statement that this was not acceptable behavior is impressive. It isn't often that Wild fans get to be proud anymore.

Today, be proud of the organization for simply doing the right thing in a difficult situation. Hopefully this is the last time we have to deal with this in such a close proximity.

First Things First

Vote? Yes Vote - Time to go cast your daily vote. Tell a friend, too.

Wild News

Wild suspends prospect Justin Fontaine 2 Aeros games for slur | StarTribune.com - Rants on the situation.

Wild suspends prospect two games for tweet of gay slur | StarTribune.com - Here is the newspaper version.

Wild prospect suspended two games for Grammys-related gay slur on Twitter | ProHockeyTalk -This will be national news. Already is, in fact.

Yeo: 'We're due for some luck here' - The harder you work, the luckier you get. It's a saying as old as time.

Scandella returns, Foucault expected to make his NHL debut | StarTribune.com - Yep.

First Round Bust: Fan outrage? - MOAR RAGE!!!111

Enemy News

Sports-Ducks : The Orange County Register - Newspaper of the stars.

Anaheim Calling - Your home for the Ducks on SBNation

Battle of California - Your home for all things California hockey.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Fontaine suspended 2 games for Twitter slur - Here is the Houston side of things.

First Round Bust: A Pair of Frightening Hits For Jason Zucker & Zack Phillips - Oof.

Wild send down Brad Staubitz, Aeros automatically add toughness | Hockey Stop | a Chron.com blog - Be wary, Aeros fans.

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