To move at Deadline

The Wilds tailspin has continued to such an extant that a major retooling effort is needed. With some youth coming in the next few years particularly at forward the Wild should be looking to move some bodies. Looking at cap numbers, contracts and status after the year can give an idea on who can move and who can't. I doubt the Wild will try and move any of their RFA's but the UFA's; I wouldn't buy there sweater anytime soon. Cap data and contract rates based on More after the jump

There are certain players that the fans are screaming to move, Zidlicky, Zanon and Lundin. Three vets who have under performed or under whelmed this season.

Marek Zhidlicky cap hit $4.00M signed through 2013 - Zids has complained has not performed well when on the ice and has overall been terrible this year. He needs to be moved but his cap hit for the rest of this year and next year make this a very large challenge. Add to the cost of his remaining contract is the simple fact that he has played so poorly this year for the Wild. Zidlickys upside though is he is a puck moving defenseman who has a good shot when he uses it. This upside though could make him movable especially if it is a quiet deadline. With so few teams out at the deadline Zids could all of a sudden be a hot commodity. This probably means the Wild and their fans have to suffer Zidlicky until Deadline day as his value will be highest at that juncture.

Returns: The Wild could expect at least a 2nd plus a mid prospect for Zidlicky at a minimum. A 1st is possible if Fletcher works the hard bargain. If the deadline is quite the price easily could go up.

Greg Zanon cap hit $1.93M signed through 2012 - Zanon is a gritty (though not that tough) shot blocking defenseman that is a UFA after this season. He has started to play better or be at least not as noticeably bad as of late which will help his trade value. A gritty veteran who blocks shots and gives his all would be a great 3rd pairing defenseman to a contender. This value though is still not much. I will miss Zanons shot blocking ability and good service but it is his time to go.

Returns: The Wild can't expect much from Zanon straight up but part of a package he could be some added value. Alone I predict nothing higher than a late 3rd round at best. Again a quiet deadline will increase his value as teams are always looking to tweak the roster to push them over the top.

Mike Lundin cap hit $1.00M signed through 2012 - Lundin never had a chance this year which is too bad since he had a nice year last year in Tampa. His back injury in training camp cost him time and the ability to learn the system. This hurt him as he tried to learn on the fly and struggled when he did play. His cheap contract makes it easier to move. He is supposed to be a puck moving defenseman

Returns: Not much but again prices rise at the deadline, probably no more than a 4th round pick or other low prospect.

Kyle Brodziak cap hit $1.15M signed through 2012 - Brodziak is a tough grinder who never takes a shift off and can chip in some goals (though not recently). He is young cheap and for the majority of the season Wild fans have been clamoring for him to be resigned. With the struggles the Wild have had recently he is the best and probably have the highest return of all the players

Returns: High ceiling, young, cheap, but only a 3rd liner. 2nd round pick is probably the highest The Wild could expect to receive.

Devin Setoguchi cap hit $3.00M signed through 2014. - Setoguchi is a very streaky player and while his play has picked up he has not performed up to the standards that many Wild fans would like or anticipated. He is young and can be a very streaky. His contract cost and term are reasonable.

Returns: I don't think the Wild will move him as it is too soon to tell if he is working out or not. If he is moved he has a high ceiling and will command a high prospect or a late 1st round pick.

Darrel Powe cap hit $1.07M signed through 2014. - Powe is a 3rd line grinder who is a checking line forward who is good defensively.

Returns: I don't think he will move but the Wild could get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him at best.

Matt Cullen cap hit $3.50M signed through 2013. - Cullen is a #2 center. That is a highly desirable commodity. He could yield a very high return. But I don't think the Wild will move him considering the very long time we were screaming for them to get one.

Returns: At least a 1st rounder and a prospect. He is good and plays something all teams are looking hard for.

The Wild have the potential to get some big returns if they decide to move players at the deadline. With a potentially quiet trade deadline that magnifies the return rates on players willing to move. This team could restock and finally have a cup board full enough to afford to actually move prospects for vets soon.

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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