Games Of Importance

The events of the last week have left the Wild in their worst position of the season so far. The team is 12th in the Western Conference, and is struggling to keep up in a neck-in-neck race with Phoenix, Calgary, Dallas and Colorado for the final play-off spot. While our form has deserted us, the teams around us are managing to pick up points here and there.

So i've done some analysis of our upcoming schedule, our rivals games this week and what we need to do to make the play-offs.

Firstly, just in case you've forgotten what the standings look like:


Standings Of Doom (via GerDevine)

Yeah, it's pretty depressing to look at. Phoenix and Calgary have got some breathing space and we're in a close battle with Dallas and Colorado. It's also worth noting that the red-hot Ducks are only 3 points behind us now.

Here's what I see as the run of games that will make or break our season:


Fixtures (via GerDevine)

Through the next 9 games, Winnipeg at home to Detroit away, we have to somehow make sure we're still in touching distance of 8th place. There are a lot of tough games in that run so every point will have to be fought for. Some smash-and-grab away wins in Dallas and Florida/St.Louis, and picking-up points at home against Winnipeg, San Jose and LA would be very helpful.

Then, if the team are still contenders by March 4th, we enter the 'Must-Win' stretch: Colorado (A), Colorado (H), Phoenix (A), Calgary (H) and Dallas (H). Coming out of that run of games with some W's could take a 10th/11th-placed team into the top 8.

The Wild making the play-offs is looking more and more unlikely, but it's still not impossible. This team has surprised us before, so you never know.

Here's some games that Wild fans might want to keep an eye on this week:

  • Wed, Feb 15: Colorado vs Vancouver-10:00pm ET
  • Thu, Feb 16: Winnipeg vs Minnesota-08:00pm ET
  • Thu, Feb 16: Calgary vs Dallas-08:30pm ET
  • Thu, Feb 16: Phoenix vs LA-10:30pm ET
  • Fri, Feb 17: Colorado vs Edmonton-09:30pm ET
  • Sat, Feb 18: Minnesota vs St.Louis-02:00pm ET
  • Sat, Feb 18: Dallas vs Phoenix-08:00pm ET
  • Sat, Feb 18: Calgary vs LA-10:00pm ET
  • Sun, Feb 19: Boston vs Minnesota-03:30pm ET
  • Sun, Feb 19: Nashville vs Dallas-07:00pm ET
  • Sun, Feb 19: Colorado vs Winnipeg-08:30pm ET

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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