Wilderness Walk for 3-1-2012: Game Day Edition

Jared Spurgeon reaches for some pride, before it whisks away, leaving him stunned and speechless. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning, Wilderness. Hope all is well and happy on your end of the interwebz.

Game day against the Habs is always a special occasion. Especially for JS, so everyone make sure to give him an extra ration of the dish you all serve so well around here. If you'll recall, the last meeting with the Habs didn't go so well. And the Wild haven't gotten much better since then.

Of course, neither have the Habs, but hey, Brad Staubitz!

Good sized Walk today. Still plenty of trade banter to be had out there. Guess the only things that get people talking about the Wild are unsustainable regression and trades for offensive defensemen that need a one week grace period before playing basic hockey. But at least you all have something to read.

Enjoy your day.

Wild News

After a difficult loss, a high-intensity practice | StarTribune.com - Meh. It's step two in a four step dance. Win, close loss, big loss, tough practice. Mix as needed.

Wild have the cap room to make a big move - More on this around 10AM.

Leafs closer to figuring things out than it appears - The Globe and Mail - Not really about the Wild, but interesting that Harding's price was a 2nd rounder.

Veilleux back with a vengeance | StarTribune.com - Indeed he is.

PowerScout: Trade Deadline winners - sportsnet.ca - Want to see one of the most convoluted systems anyone has every put together to determine the winner of a trade? Here you go.

First Round Bust: How To Get Off On The Right Foot: A Tom Gilbert Story - FRB with some thoughts on a topic I know nothing about because of my ridiculous love for Nick Schultz.

Enemy News

Montreal Canadiens hope history repeats against Wild - I bet they do.

Habs Eyes On The Prize - Good site I don't get to nearly enough.

Off the Trail

First Round Bust: James Sheppard Returns To The Ice - Ah, the Shepmister.

Oilers notebook: Newest Oiler Schultz gives No. 15 a turn - New town, new city, new team mates... clearly all this means Schultz will suck in his first game. Right? I mean, that's the thinking... it takes a week before a player can actually adjust to his new team and figure out the system. That's what we're being told?

Blues vs. Oilers - 29/02/2012 - Edmonton Oilers - Boxscore - Oh. Wait. Schultz had an assist and was even in a
game the Oilers gave up five goals in, and in which Schultz played almost 20 minutes? Even though he was also
out for 4:40 SHTOI? Clearly someone forgot to tell him you can't actually help your new team until that week long probationary period.

Zanon on Bruins: That's my style of hockey - Indeed.

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