Wilderness Walk for 3-24-2012: Game Day Edition

Yep. Looks legit.

Check out the picture above. A violation of the elbowing rule, by a player with no previous suspension history, that resulted in an injury. The "Key Points" of the suspension video sum up the actions perfectly. The video itself goes on to explain how the puck was near the boards, played away, and the rule violating player closes and raises his elbow, striking his opponent in the face.

Seems pretty straight forward. Solid reasoning, well argued, all adds up to a five game suspension. No arguments to be made to the contrary. Did we mention this was Duncan Keith against Daniel Sedin, not Alex Tanguay versus Jared Spurgeon? Oh. We didn't? Sorry about that.

It's so far beyond anger at this point, it has become pity. Pity for a man who was to be the one who changed the way the system works. Pity for the man who now sits in an office somewhere, a punchline. The very reasons he uses to suspend one player, he ignores when another situation calls for it.

You know what I would love to see? A CBA hangup involving the Department of Player Safety. Hell, let it cost them an entire season. At this point, it would be worth it. The NHL has devolved to be less able to manage their league than Major League Baseball with the steroid issue. That's just sad.

Wild News

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Spurgeon out with a concussion | StarTribune.com - Yep.

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Tending the Fields

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Enemy News

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Off the Trail

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Duncan Keith suspended 5 games Video - NHL VideoCenter - Here is the video. Such wonderful viewing.

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