2012-2013 Dream Team

Parise(8M) – Koivu(6.75M) – Heatley(7.5M)

Setoguchi(3M) – Granlund(3.5M) – Coyle(1M)

Larsson(900K) – Brodziak(2.83M) – Bulmer(900K)

Johnson(? 525K) – Powe(1.06M) – Palmeri(? 525K) ???

Kassian(550K), Bouchard(4.08m) (see *ideas)

Gilbert(4M) – Carle(5M)

Cowen(1.26M) – Spurgeon(526K)

Brodin(1.475M) – Rundblad(1.5M)




Total Salary Cap Hit

62.605M + 1.468M (buyouts) = 64.073M


1. Cullen + 1st 2013 pick to Phoenix for David Rundblad. Reason: Granlund would be a more dynamic second line center to give us a better 1 – 2 punch up the middle of the ice. This reduces Cullen’s role with Brodziak and Powe locked into the bottom six positions. Phoenix may want Cullen for his two way style as it would replace Daymond Langkow next year and give them: Hanzel, Vermette and Cullen up the middle next year. They would also be gambling that we would tank next year.

The idea of having a young pairing of Brodin and Rundblad seems like it would make a solid mix of: skating, puck moving, and acceptable defensive responsibility; Brodin adapting to the more stay at home while Rundblad being the more offensive option.

2. Clutterbuck + Scandella for Jared Cowen and 2nd (either Phoenix’s or Ottawa’s, whichever is available) 2012 pick. Reason: If we truly believe in Jared Spurgeon’s abilities and want him to be part of this team for years to come why not try and reunite him with the guy he played 3 years of Junior hockey with. I can only imagine that this would be a defensive improvement over Marco Scandella, while introducing the grit and size we would be losing from letting Stoner and Faulk walk. It seems like a lot to give up Clutter but from what I’ve seen of Brett Bulmer he may be able to easily replace the agitator role that he brings to the table. Also giving up Scandella to Ottawa replaces the defensive prospect they would be losing in Cowen. Having two second rounders would be nice this year.

This would put a lot of pressure on the third line clicking but I have faith in the character of all three players that they will be able to make it happen.

Free Agency

1. Zach Parise – I think Fletcher is going to make an all out assault to land Parise this off season. Leipold wants the Winter Classic and what better way to do that than with star power players. Parise wants to be the “go-to-guy,” meaning being the highest paid player, (actual salaries for next year for Koivu (5,400,000), Heatley (6,000,000), as compared to Kovalchuk’s 11,000,000 for the next five years provide this opportunity)) and being the most relied upon to generate offense. Offer a long term (10 year if you have to) contract aiming for a cap hit around 8,000,000

2. Matt Carle – We need an NHL caliber top pairing shutdown defensemen and after the trades for Grossman and Kubina you’ve got to imagine Matt Carle’s days in Philly are done. I would be happy to see him paired with Gilbert for a puck moving tandem capable of doing a decent job of maintain the opponents top two lines. I am also happy with the pairing because I feel Cowen and Spurgeon would be good at shutting down top lines as well. I would not mind seeing Carle around for 4 to 5 years either to a 4 to 5 year deal at a cap hit of 5,000,000 seems reasonable.


1. Either hold onto PMB to see if he heals and is ready to play or decide that once he gets healthy buyout his contract. If he is not healthy all of next year we could put him onto LTIR. I’m not convinced too many teams would be asking about him if he was playing to make a trade with. We need to rid ourselves with injury prone players. If he is healthy and ready to go he could be inserted anywhere in the top 6 though.

2. Draft RW Sebastian Collberg of Frolunda HC (Sweden) in the first round of the 2012 entry draft. From what I saw in the WJC this kid has the speed and intensity to eventually play a top 6 role in today’s NHL. He may be a bit of a project but the he’s got a hell of a lot of heart.

3. Have solid offensive prospects all developing together in Houston and available for call up next year for LW (Zucker), C (Phillips), RW (Collberg), Actually not sure if Collberg would turn pro next year but he is the guy I want in this year’s draft.

4. I’m really not sure about the fourth line but these things tend to work themselves out over training camp

5. Do not tender Latendresse a new contract

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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