2012 NHL Mock Draft Contest: Eminemilie

I'm going to throw this out there right now...trades are going to fuck this list bad.

I picked based on (what I thought) were team there is that. I am fully willing to defend (most) of

my picks :)

1. Nail Yakupov-Edmonton (It’s Edmonton. They like forwards)

2. Murray- Columbus (They need D like woah)

3. Grigorenko-Montreal (He’s from Quebec)

4. Dumba- N.Y. Islanders (See #2)

5. Rienhart- Toronto (See #2)

6. Galchenyuk– Anaheim (Someone who can score might be helpful, maybe)

7. Reilly– Minnesota (Although I honestly think this is going to get traded away for someone)

8. Forsberg – Carolina (I think he goes before 8, but I am trying to pick based on what teams need, and most everyone so far has a horrible D problem)

9. Faska– Winnipeg (My research says they need a big center. Here is one)

10. Trouba– Tampa Bay (see #2)

11. Pouliot– Washington (see #2)

12. Ceci- Buffalo (I’m really getting sick of defense)

13. Teravainen– Dallas (I’d almost like to leave this blank, because I hope every pick that Dallas ever has is a bust)

14. Girgensons– Calgary (They could really go O or D, but since everyone else is picking up D-men, I made this one easy on myself)

15. Collberg– Ottawa (half of their RFA/UFAs are centers so….center it is)

16. Vasilevski– Washington (Rumor has it that they desperately need a goalie)

17. Gaunce– San Jose (They dealt away their best scorer last season…yay us…and I think he is someone to look out for)

18. Lindholm– Chicago (I think they pick up a goalie in the 2nd round)

19. Dansk– Tampa Bay (Need a goalie badly, and I like him more than Subban)

20. Finn – Philadelphia (Seriously, see #2)

21. Aberg– Buffalo (They already got a D-man, so let’s give them a winger!)

22. Wilson– Pittsburgh (They need a big winger. He is a big winger)

23. Matteau – Florida (They don’t really need a lot, which is strange…)

24. Bystrom– Boston (See #2, although I hear they may be looking for a goalie lol)

25. Koekkoek - St. Louis (They’ve taken a lot of forwards in recent drafts and stuff)

26. Matheson– Vancouver (they need everything on their farm team, and since there are 100 D-men for every forward, they get a D-man)

27. Sisssons- Phoenix (They need a score, and Sissons has really picked up speed lately. Like him, hate the team lol…see #13)

28. Pearson– N.Y. Rangers (Running out of steam here…apparently they need someone to “help” Marion out, and similarly to Sissons, he has decided to make people notice him)

29. Skjei– N.J. Devils (Since they have Zids, obviously they need major help on D)

30. Winther– L.A. Kings (Struggled with scoring goals early in the season, I think this guy may be able to help with that in a few years)

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