2012 NHL Mock Draft Contest: Goaliemon

I had one of these made up already, but then I thought about it. I mean... who wouldn't trade their first round pick to the Wild for their 7th rounder? Come on! it worked on NHL 12! Ok, dream world of having 30 first round picks aside, here is my stab at the mock draft.

  1. Edmonton: Yakupov, Nail (Pick probably gets traded, but he goes #1 either way)
  2. Columbus: Grigorenko, Mikhail (A surprise, a star to replace Nash or traded pick?)
  3. Montreal: Murray, Ryan (The surprise being that Columbus plays it like the Vikings did and trades down one spot and still get their man)
  4. Islanders: Dumba, Mathew (Rolled a dice! Could be one of many defense men)
  5. Toronto: Galchenyuk, Alex (This could break me, But I think Toronto doesn't get the #1)
  6. Anaheim: Trouba, Jacob (Once again, the Ducks ef over the wild.)
  7. Minnesota: Rinehart, Griffin (ok, I can live with him after not getting Trouba.)
  8. Carolina: Rielly, Morgan (I think the Cain's get the #1 pick, They need to make a splash)
  9. Winnipeg: Ceci, Cody (When you allow 8 goals and win, you need Defense.)
  10. Tampa Bay: Maatta, Olli (Good solid Dman for the bolts)
  11. Washington: Faksa, Radek (Just what the Doctor ordered for the Caps)
  12. Buffalo: Gaunce, Brendan (They need a big Center, I hear. 6-2 is pretty big)
  13. Dallas: Teravainen, Teuvo (Play making ability. Just not against the Wild please)
  14. Calgary: Forsberg, Filip (Steal here at 14 for the Flames. I blame being a Forsberg)
  15. Ottawa: Pouliot, Derrick (They need someone that plays Defense)
  16. Capitals: Lindholm, Hampus (Someone to protect Holtby)
  17. San Jose: Girgensons, Zemgus (How long till he is traded?)
  18. Chicago: Collberg, Sebastian (Nice pickup for the Hawks)
  19. Tampa Bay: Wilson, Thomas (This is a nice risk for TB)
  20. Philadelphia: Finn, Matthew (Maybe he can plug Bryzgalov's 5 hole?)
  21. Buffalo: Hertl, Tomas (My cat is feaking out. Oh, and BPA)
  22. Pittsburgh: Matteau, Stefan (A Center? For when they loose one of their big 3 to FA/Crosby is forced to retire)
  23. Florida: Skjei, Brady (Guy to fill a team full of holes, small as they are)
  24. Boston: Pokka, Ville (Tuka Rask, and now Ville Pokka... Boston gets the best names)
  25. St. Louis: Aberg, Pontus (BPA. Need to restock the youth)
  26. Vancouver: Koekkoek, Slater (Need a Dman prospect. I guess. I need a shower now)
  27. Phoenix: Frk, Martin (Someone to score from the wing. High Risk after his injury)
  28. Rangers: Samuelsson, Henrik (Who knows, BPA for the rangers. Ef em.)
  29. New Jersey: Subban, Malcolm (GOALIE ALERT! What have the Devils ever gotten out of a goalie in the first round... oh wait)
  30. Los Angeles: Bystorm, Ludvik (They just won the Cup. Need to restock the youth. And Bystorm is a cool name.)

I will be surprised if I get more then 5 right, but hey, this is my first Mock Draft ever. Lucky I just didn't copy and paste someone's.

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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