Wild Fans: An Unreserved Apology

An Open Letter from (under) the Desk of mmD

Dear Wild Fans,

At various times this off season I have made remarks which may be interpreted, under certain circumstances, as being somewhat dismissive of your Team's ability to pull off the devastating Free Agency coup that has had the entire Hockey world abuzz over the last few days. The bold move by GM Fletcher that has turned the Wild from perennial also-rans to genuine contenders overnight. I didn't imagine it could happen in a world where what's left of Scott Howson's brain wasn't the Supreme Being and basis of all existence. So, mea culpa.

I am of course, referring to the signing of Jake Dowell.

This year, only the re-signing of Michael Leighton with the Flyers and Andrew Murray going from SCUM to SCUM Jr have created the same heat on internet message boards and Twitter.. (if your oven has this sort of heat, expect that pie to be done sometime in 2017)

We in Blackhawks Nation will always remember Jake for his pointless fights.. especially in a 0-5 shellacking by the North Stars when illness had already reduced the Hawks bench to 10 forwards and John Scott.

4 minutes in and Dowell decides he has to settle an AHL score with Brandon Segal... further depleting the bench.

John Scott as a Forward... let that sink in for a bit.

Wait, whut? The Wild got some other guys too?

OK, OK.. I said, many times, that Suter and/or Parise were Detroit bound.. I was wrong. Going to Detroit would have made sense, especially for Suter, but, of course, this is Hockey and sense goes out the window. I am, on a personal level, very happy that they are now Wild players for three good reasons,...

1) I like you guys and your team getting better is always good

2) Detroit and Nashville have been significantly weakened by either losing or not signing Suter. And Nash is still with the Beej.. happy Central Division time.

3) The Wild getting strong is going to make the Nucks actually have to work for their Presidents Trophy.. and that is always good.

Somewhere out there, possibly on a SAS flight to Stockholm, Nik Lidstrom is laughing his ass off..

So, well done to the Wild for proving me massively wrong and landing the two hottest Free Agents going.. looking forward to seeing you next season..

And I believe there was some talk about me marinating, cooking and eating my ugly wool watch cap if you landed Parise and Suter.. and me posting a video of this on youtube..

Well, I'm a Man of my Word so..

Here it is

Peace, mmD

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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