PS3 NHL 13 GM League

This was originally a Second City Hockey thing, but we like eminemlie and GerDevine a bunch and they like most of you, so I figured that I would open this up.

If anyone is interested, I will be setting up a PS3 league on the release day of the game. I’d like to get 4 or 5 GM’s and maybe 30 players or so in a League. Details... after the jump.

Editor's note: I'm not much of a gamer, but this sounds pretty fun. If you decide to sign up, please keep us posted on how you are doing in the league. Would be fun to have someone from the Wilderness take the league championship, to be sure. Good luck!

The League:

  • All 30 NHL teams will be involved but most will be controlled by the CPU
  • Salary Cap enabled! For more GM fun-ness! If you are a GM, you will also play games with your team. Make sure you practice the art of Salary Cap management (try to be more like Stan with the cap, then Uncle Dale) GM's will be responsible for all of the GM moves, but trades will be subject to commish approval: see link
  • Team Rosters will be randomized: See the original link for details. This means that we wont have to start off with a team playing as the Hawks, against a team playing at the Blue Jackets.
  • 2-4 members per team, The members of the league will either find a team to play with on their own, or will be assigned a team to play with (we are all fun people on SCH (and now Nucks Misconduct, On the Forecheck, and Mile High Hockey)). In an IDEAL world the teams will have 4 members (RW, C, LW, and a D).
  • Absenteeism is ok (we all have real lives, and this is a long long league) Games can be simmed if no member of the team is available, and you will have more than one member per team, so dont worry about it
  • Skill level: Pro (this has been locked)
  • I recommend investing in a microphone for your games. While not required, this does make things much easier. Communication will be pretty important, and early on, calling for the puck and calling out what you are doing will be important. We arent the Sedins out there, so knowing where your winger will be at any given time without having played with that winger for a couple of games is impossible. When I play, I like to have the C and D calling out what they see, and the wingers calling for the puck when open.

If you are interested, please comment here with your Name, PSN id, and Position (easier to create teams if we know who plays what). Also, please let me know if you are interested in being a GM, or if you would prefer to just play. If you have NHL 12, please go ahead and let that be known as well (once we get teams set, it would be a good idea to practice together) Also, if you are ok with it, please include your email address, or email me yours @

For instance:

I'm Sean. SCH tag: Skeen, Email: stomkeenan@gmail, PSN:Jekyll1489, GM:Yes please, I play C, and I do have NHL12

I’d really like for this to be a fun community experience, with our teams really playing and acting like it. The sooner we can get our teams set, the more time those teams will have to play together and get good (really the key to being successful in the team game).

I’ll be creating a spreadsheet with your information, and making an email distribution list so that we can remain connected.


  • After recieving confirmation that you have been named GM of your team, and that players have been assigned to you, it is your responsibility to reach out to your players.
  • A Good GM will be organized, and will listen to his players regarding player moves.
  • I'm really relying on the GM's to be almost as pumped about this as I am. I think this league has the ability to be fucking awesome, but could also fall flat on it's face. If it does, I can promise you, it will be because of a bad GM not communicating or putting in the effort to make the game fun for the members of his or her team. I will do my absolute best to make sure this isnt an issue, but the possibility still exists.
  • I will give all GM's my personal cell phone number so they can be in contact with me at all times if need be.


  • In the link you will notice that all trades will have commish approval (that means me). I will approve all trades that a GM makes to a computer immediately. I will review all trades made between user owned teams, to ensure that people don't cheat. (Also any Kane for Ryan Miller trade will be vetoed on principal)
  • Personnel (actual people trades) trades will have a 4 party approval system (myself as commish, the trading GM, the GM trading for the person, and the player his/her self) Every Party has to approve that trade.

Right now we have 5 teams, and at least 20 different players. Join the fun.

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness

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