Wilderness Walk for 1-7-2013: Welcome Home

Hold your applause. - Hannah Foslien

We came, we saw, we Walked.

Welcome home, Wilderness. If you have forgotten what the Walk is all about, we scour the intertubes looking for posts and articles you may be interested in reading, and then we put them all in one place, satisfying all your procrastination needs. Work is for people who don't like hockey, right?


Personally, I can't wait to get back to snarky comments about hockey teams and players doing stupid things, and bad writers writing about them. However, today's links are heavily lockout-centric, as should be expected at this point. Please to be enjoying your first day of Walks. When you're done, maybe get up and... you know... take a Walk.

If we missed anything you found particularly interesting, feel free to share it in the comments. Or don't. Be a jerk. That's fine.

Wild News

'Awesome news, huh?' NHL lockout comes to an end | StarTribune.com - Yep. It's real.

Lockout over, now the labor begins for players and coaches | StarTribune.com - Back to work, gentlemen.

When the Wild hit the ice, will the fans fill the stands? | StarTribune.com - We'll look at this question in the coming days, but for now let's just say... most likely, yes.

Will The Fans Return To Support the Minnesota Wild? - You can keep asking. The answer is still the same.

Wild players: "Relieved, happy and excited" to get going | StarTribune.com - Also, the paychecks and all that.

With NHL hockey deal, Minnesota Wild ready for the ice - TwinCities.com - Yep.

Minnesota Wild fans, St. Paul businesses cheer NHL deal - TwinCities.com - But hey, they should probably have picked more stable industries, right? Sigh. Please go support the bars and restaurants. They need you.

Mr. Mom heads back to arena. | Hockey | Sports | Welland Tribune - Mr. Mom. Love it.

Zulgad: With lockout ending, can Wild recapture momentum of last July? - If they can, everything will be fine. I have my doubts.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: No Bull: Graovac's Debut in Belleville a Doozy - Kid's pretty good.

The Third Intermission: The Mikael Granlund Situation - The team says Granlund was "sore." Russo says Chuck Fletcher yanked him. Who are we to believe? Hmm...

Lockout News & Reaction

Hitting The Post: This Is Not A Great Day For Hockey - Agreed. They should be standing in front of cameras and apologizing. Not smiling.

Chart: The NHL lockout timeline | StarTribune.com - In case you want to relive the last 3 1/2 months.

Chart: Key changes in the new NHL collective bargaining agreement | StarTribune.com - The Strib's version shows the changes. No word if they feel they were worth it.

After 113 days, deal reached to end NHL lockout | StarTribune.com - Indeed. 113 days. Good times.

THE NHL IS BACK. SERIOUSLY. | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | theScore.com - No. Seriously.

NHL lockout deal details: League moves on salary cap, limits player contracts | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - All in all, it looks like the PA got the better end of the deal.

The lockout is over, NHL Hockey is back - and there's nothing quite like it - Stanley Cup of Chowder - NHL hockey is back, and while other levels of hockey have been amazing to follow - it's not the same.

It's Over. Welcome back to your happy place - Anaheim Calling - After 16 hours of debate, the NHL and NHLPA emerged from a hotel meeting room with a new CBA. Wake up little ones, the nightmare is over. Hockey is BACK!

2013 NHL Lockout: Tampa Bay Lightning players, it's finally time to report - Raw Charge - Now that there's a new NHL CBA, it's time for the players to come back.

The Lockout's Over. Pretend Like You Care. - Nucks Misconduct - No seriously. Pretend damn it.

The 7 most immediate questions now that NHL lockout is over | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Some great questions to be answered. Many more than 7, but these are pretty good.

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